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Looks like there's gonna be a lot of broken pipes.

It's 2018.
My first activity of the year:
I made coffee.

Just watched a fireworks show through the kitchen window.

One of the neighbors got carried away and spent a lot of money on some very expensive fireworks, best available on the retail market I'd guess.

Lit up a very cold cold midnight.

Was pretty.
Glad I didn't have to go outside to see it 🎇 ❄️ 🎇

Happy New Years wishes going round the world.

With proper planning I can get in two more naps before the end of 2017.

1st coffee of the morning.
Will it be the last coffee of 2017?
Probably not.

The Boldport Club has these electronics project that are like little sculptures that you put together.
Unique DIY art.

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Little shaded 'dala done :) Faber-Castell TG1-S technical pens and 4B and 6B pencils for the shading. On Daler Rowney smooth heavyweight 220gm A5 paper.

If anyone wants to buy the signed original, $30 USD which includes worldwide shipping :)

Things I should have done yesterday that I'm putting off till tomorrow.
Procrastination avalanche.

Hear that Bill Nye has a new season out. Binge watching might happen.

I day full of possibilities.
It's very cold and thoroughly wet outside, so spending any meaningful amount of time outdoors is not likely to be one of the things that happens.

There were books in insomnia, now there are screens.

Something else that happened in 2017:
Started reading on a tablet.
So I no longer go into used bookstores with a list of recommendations, hunting for inexpensive copies, maybe have time to read-in a few pages, see if I like the writing.
Now I'm downloading samples, if I like one I pay for the book, little bit of a price break on some, more on others.
Trouble is, I'm accumulating lots of samples. Just finished a book, have 20 samples to choose from for the next read.

Something else that happened in 2017: Discovered Sara Niemietz.
She's been around for a while, but I first heard her with Postmodern Jukebox. She's got a great voice, standout talent of the year, to me.

Something that happened in 2017:
Joined a new social media venture, something I don't do often.
This one, Mastodon.
We'll see where it goes.

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Finished yaaaay! Faber-Castell TG1-S technical pens, 6B and 4B pencils for shading, on A3 120gsm paper.

If you'd like to buy the signed original I'll part with it for $70 USD which includes worldwide shipping.

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Art Licensing, the company that represents me in the US, just sent me this pic - 2018 colouring calendars, and if you look closely it says 'featuring the work of Delyth Angharad' on the front, yay! Worked on these with their client about a year ago but they're only being launched now, hehe. ^.^

Rain, drizzle, temps in the 30s and 40s, today is going to be an excellent day to stay inside.

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