✨ a new post about illuuuuusions ✨

Creating CSS-driven scenes for use with red/cyan 3D Glasses or Google Cardboard using:
- 3D Transforms
- Blend modes
- Vanishing points


I've officially switched to @dancwilson so follow me there if you want to see my musings on new features in CSS/JS that are only in one browser and what I think is the biggest benefit of GraphQL.

Planning to migrate to toot.cafe since the only reason I've been on mastodon.social was, like many others, it was recommended as a starting point. Wanting to find something more web/creative-focused for an instance, and since I've been using the great Pinafore from @nolan since it came out... toot.cafe feels like a natural move.

Testing some subtle Blend Mode effects on (and turning off when user "prefers reduced motion") codepen.io/danwilson/full/VReq

A few levels deep in regards to niche... new options for steps() in CSS animation easings: danielcwilson.com/blog/2019/02

Currently writing a post about the new CSS easing options within the `steps()` function coming to Firefox 65 (viewable now in latest Nightly & Dev Edition)... and central demo will be this playground: codepen.io/danwilson/full/wRjJ

Current favorite activity: taking photos of the kids with their helmets on after they finish riding and have moved onto things like play dough, rolling a ball, or playing with a stuffed animal.

I don't typically like challenges that have arbitrary rules (or rules that are set to make one solution look worse than another), but this one fits with something I'm already working on, and I think shows a potential of clip-path that I often forget...

Challenge: twitter.com/anatudor/status/10
Solution: codepen.io/danwilson/pen/wQjae

Back from vacation to West Texas, so naturally here's an animated CodePen inspired by the McDonald Observatory logo.


Missy Mazzoli and the new stage of classical music... As a bonus, I've been loving each straightforward illustration in this series, especially this one and the one for St. Vincent.

Texas Politics 

Published the content from my guest edition of the Animation at Work newsletter from September on my site... focusing on the up-and-coming browser options for animating in the browser:

Q: Favorite thing you've built
A: The one where I could use core web technologies to make a fast app experience to tie into the magic of Carnovsky's RGB artwork.

... aaaaand they have a new book out tomorrow that I'm excited to check out with it: smile.amazon.com/Illuminatlas-

Looks like it might be time for me to finally rework my website (danielcwilson.com ... and change my "logo") assuming this article is true about Papa Johns and its branding adage.com/article/cmo-strategy

Really enjoying drawnpodcast.com/ (I'm currently at the halfway point)... a fairly thorough discussion on aspects of animation and its history.
(found via @Vlh and the UI Animation Newsletter)

  ✨New post in the "Illusions on the Web" series... this time recreating the process of Lenticular printing (aka morphing images, tilt cards, holograms)

Jumped into a conversation earlier about multiple backgrounds + applying a grayscale filter exclusively on one part of the background. Here is a grey barrier + saturation blend mode + different blends on different background layers to achieve the effect, on

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