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Published the content from my guest edition of the Animation at Work newsletter from September on my site... focusing on the up-and-coming browser options for animating in the browser:

Q: Favorite thing you've built
A: The one where I could use core web technologies to make a fast app experience to tie into the magic of Carnovsky's RGB artwork.

... aaaaand they have a new book out tomorrow that I'm excited to check out with it: smile.amazon.com/Illuminatlas-

Looks like it might be time for me to finally rework my website (danielcwilson.com ... and change my "logo") assuming this article is true about Papa Johns and its branding adage.com/article/cmo-strategy

Really enjoying drawnpodcast.com/ (I'm currently at the halfway point)... a fairly thorough discussion on aspects of animation and its history.
(found via @Vlh and the UI Animation Newsletter)

  ✨New post in the "Illusions on the Web" series... this time recreating the process of Lenticular printing (aka morphing images, tilt cards, holograms)

Jumped into a conversation earlier about multiple backgrounds + applying a grayscale filter exclusively on one part of the background. Here is a grey barrier + saturation blend mode + different blends on different background layers to achieve the effect, on

✨ I see some early pieces of CSS Motion Path starting to emerge in *Firefox Nightly* ...

I sometimes worry that what I write about veers too niche (animation typically) when it comes to people knowing what I do. But then I remember resumés should speak to that.

I *want* certain people/organizations to know my other skills (like the fact that I've built multiple large-scale front end applications centered around interaction, animation, performance, and accessibility... across web/browser, React Native, Cordova, and Windows native).

I just don't want to *write* about those things.

The latest Animation at Work newsletter is out with special guest editor.... Dan Wilson.

Felt the need to focus on the ✨future✨ for my turn after fantastic editions from Lisi, Nadieh, and David K (and of course the work of Rachel and Ivana)


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Periodic reminder to join in on the newsletter goodness that is Animation at Work (formerly Web Animation Weekly). Next edition should be a fun one...


Why having different browser engines is good (or why competition is good) from Rachel Nabors

The aforementioned pen is a variation of this pen I did a while back that achieved a similar effect with CSS Variables in lots of places. Key difference is how this older one had hard stops as you changed a destination mid-transition.


Getting overly excited about the Web Animations API again... playing with Composite Animations (available in Firefox Nightly and Chrome Canary) on to get smooth transitions as you change the final destination point.


About to finish "Chuck Amuck", an autobiography (of sort) of Chuck Jones. So far the line that sticks out to me most is one where he says they didn't make things based on analytics for what the audience wanted... because they didn't have access to that. And they wouldn't have wanted that info even if they had it.
You try to make the things that you enjoy... if possible.

More Projects, More Inability to Contribute to Any of Them

Considering a switch to mastodon.art or toot.cafe since 80% of what I talk about here is related to interactive animation code art projects or demos

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