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Dan Wilson @danwilson@mastodon.social

Three articles in a month? I know, I know.

What I think is the quickest entry point to understanding what Houdini offers... the `CSS.registerProperty()` method:


✨ New Post: Creating Barrier Grid animations on the web. Like the Scanimation books or old toys that build animations from two layers...


I love having and subscribing with RSS... but I sure seem to mangle my feed at least once a year.

✨ New Post: The first in a series recreating optical illusions and mechanical toys on the web... starting with the "red reveal" trick employed on board games like Password and Outburst


… Featuring: blend modes, streaming video, & CSS Variables

In CSS Motion Path in Chrome Canary news: offset-anchor is working with version 66... changing where the anchor point is for an element moving along an offset-path

codepen.io/danwilson/pen/wJRmG mastodon.social/media/j5s-w6UK

Blog Post Draft Folder:

The Zen of Hand Coding SVGs
The Red Reveal: Illusions on the Web Part 1
Pause It All

Because when I get bogged down in the day to day of web development I focus on fun future things (but already experimentable (yes, made up word (sorry)))...

I've created a CodePen collection of people experimenting with Houdini and animating Custom Properties (Chrome + Experimental Web Platform Features flag)



A (with sincerity): Wow... pretty forward-thinking of our client to do this as an iPad app four years ago

B (with snark): I guess that's why they are sunsetting it and hired us to rebuild it on the web.

If you stare long enough, you'll swear the three sided polygons from the 1990s will start to move.


In *Safari Technology Preview with regards to the Web Animations API* News: latest version (47) has an early/limited implementation of `element.animate()`!


Ok... those were my only long posts here. I mean "toot"s.

I had a goal at the end of 2017 to set my site up to use indie auth and webmentions, but I did not make it in time.

The last three years have been great without the Facebook app on my phone. Taking the next steps with Twitter, email, and more (blog draft in progress).

New goal is to keep phone light and move things I still find useful to computer-only.

Ok. First real steps here are to go through my bird+web people and follow them.
Next is to set up my site more indie-style and syndicate from my site.
Last step is resist temptation to sign into Twitter site on my phone.

Oh last last step that I failed at months ago when I first joined is get over the use of "toot"