@hedgedoc - FYI, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is using the current CodiMD (your version) for note-taking at the IETF 109 meeting this week (as they did earlier this year for IETF 108). On datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/a there is an icon for notes. The hover text still says "Etherpad for note-takers", but it is in fact your version of CodiMD. And perhaps before IETF 110 in March 2021 the back-end will be updated to your new HedgeDoc version. (I'm not involved with that aspect.)

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Want to have a glimpse on what to expect from the first version under the new name, #HedgeDoc, 1.7?

Check our demo instance at demo.hedgedoc.org and let us know. /sh


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Welcome the #HedgeDoc account :)

We were formally known as #CodiMD, but due to some name conflicts, we decided to give ourselves a new name and a much cuter logo.

Who wants an old document when they can have a hedgehog?

You can read a bit more about it on our new history page: hedgedoc.org/history/

"Pandemic speeds up influx of remote workers to small cities"... such as Burlington, ! Back in October, I was one of a number of people interviewed from the area. Article appeared today, and audio was on NPR. And photo of me included sheep😀- hechingerreport.org/pandemic-s

Will be a crazy schedule for me this week.. it's and the meeting schedule is based around the time in Bangkok (UTC+7). Unfortunately I also have many meetings this week on US ET time (UTC-5) so I can't "live on Bangkok time" as some friends are. datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/a

Fascinating to read about the very large *logistical* challenges for transporting and distributing a - most of the vaccines will need to be stored at a temperature of -70 C ( -94 F)!! Will NOT be easy in some places.


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Just noticed... how did I miss the trailer one month ago for Season 5? youtube.com/watch?v=caLji74IIp

Can't wait to watch!

This looks like a great event! - "Mozilla Builders Fix The Internet Showcase" - 30+ teams showcasing how they are fixing the Internet - Thursday 10/29/20 - 11:00 - 12:30 PDT (18:00-19:30 UTC) - hopin.to/events/mozilla-builde

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Today we're excited to launch our very first #WriteFreely mobile app, for iOS! Read about it in our latest @writefreely blog post: blog.writefreely.org/writefree

FYI, if you use Matrix, I'm there as @dan-york:matrix.org

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"The very idea of a machine set loose to slaughter is chilling. And yet some of the world’s largest militaries seem to be creeping toward developing such weapons, by pursuing a logic of deterrence: they fear being crushed by rivals’ AI if they can’t unleash an equally potent force."

Who's up for a new cold war?


One month from today, the US Presidential election will be over! (Although we may still be counting votes...)

Why should communicators care about 5.5? How can it make your site faster? What else can it do? In this new episode of the "FIR On Technology" podcast, I dive into the details of this new version of WP - firpodcastnetwork.com/fir-on-t

Today is - view that hashtag on social channels to see how people are celebrating . Or view internationalpodcastday.com/ to learn more.

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Bruce Schneier notes on his blog that Ross Anderson has finished the drafts for the third edition of "Security Engineering", currently available for free: cl.cam.ac.uk/~rja14/book.html

The drafts will disappear for 42 months as soon as the book goes into print, so now's a good time to download the preprint edition.


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