My mind is a bit blown by learning about the “Drupal Gutenberg” project to make the editor be a block editor on top of . Rather than just being for , one of the people spoke about Gutenberg as the “editor for the open web”.

I like that vision! And I like working with Gutenberg as an editor.


[NOTE: I don’t use Drupal myself. I’m building sites on . I just think this is a great development.]

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Even more potentially interesting is the work underway on a “Gutenberg Cloud”, effectively a directory / hosting service for “blocks” that can be used within the editor:

Now, that all is still in development, but it’s interesting to see where this can go - and only further reinforces the need to understand more about Gutenberg.

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Two more notes:

1. One of the Gutenberg team members wrote this post about the developments:

2. The WordPress VIP team put out this video showing how custom blocks could be developed and used very easily:

which really does show the potential. I like where this is all going!

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