I continue to be impressed by the growth of as an "publishing layer". It now powers 39.5% of top 10 million websites and, perhaps more interestingly, is now used by more sites than those that do NOT use a content management system (CMS).

I wrote about this status at:

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@22decembre works *great* over ! All my employer's 20+ WordPress sites are fully accessible over IPv6.

(If you are referring to CircleID, I thought the site DID have IPv6... but perhaps something changed.)

@danyork I was referring to own network.

Not the individuals blogs.

@danyork wow, very impressive indeed!

I help maintain the WordPress site for a not-for-profit and I must admit it's very easy to use.

What I miss compared to static site generators is the full version-control: I hesitate to give people write access to WordPress since they could break things and that would be hard to detect/fix later.

I wonder if there's any "best of both worlds" project out there that keeps the full history but still has a nice layman-friendly UI like WordPress...

@raboof I do hear you about the revision tracking. There *are* some plugins like "Stream" that do activity tracking / logging so that you can find out exactly who changed what:

If you use the Jetpack plugin, there is also an "Activity" log as part of that.

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