New audio: TDYR 407 - More Social Audio from Discord, Spotify, Telegram, and… LinkedIn? - in this episode I dive into some of the newer entrants into the space -

Do you know of an exceptional individual who has played a role in the conceptualization, building, and development of the Internet globally?

👨‍🔧👩‍🔧 Perhaps a pioneer who expanded the Internet.

🌐 A trailblazer who made a major technical innovation to make the Internet faster or better.

🎙️ Or a passionate advocate who made the Internet more inclusive and accessible.

If you answered yes, nominate them to the Internet Hall of Fame! Nominations close on April 23!

If you are interested in / connectivity, including satellite systems and submarine cables - and are also a Reddit user - there's a r/InternetAccess subreddit that you are welcome to join (and welcome to post links to):

@aaronpk @Gargron Of course... all of these "social audio" services, as far as I can tell, run on closed, centralized, proprietary, "walled garden", corporate systems. No distribute / decentralized / federated systems. Yet, anyway.

@aaronpk @Gargron Jeremiah Owyang also published a piece looking at the sheer number of companies jumping into this space, and some of the business models he sees:

I think a key is that in our world of lockdowns and the sheer fatigue of the pandemic, many people are looking for ways to have connections. And audio provides a way to have a bit more than text.

My biggest doubt, though, is that these require *live* listening, and that's not always possible.

@aaronpk @Gargron I think Aaron's point is key - it's layering a social network on top of audio, giving a richer experience than just text, but not as heavy an experience as video (in a time when we're all sick of endless zoom calls).

Ben Thompson had an interesting piece on his Stratechery site about the rise of Clubhouse and others in "social audio":

His main point being that these tools are making it even easier to discover, listen, and participate.

@dheadshot Well, TwitterSpaces is really nothing like either MySpace or MSNSpaces. It's an *audio-only* group conferencing kind of thing. This article is a good discussion around "social audio" and the rise of Clubhouse, with which TwitterSpaces is now trying to compete:

New audio: What are all about? How do they work? How do they compare to ? And what is going on with "social audio"? I dropped into a couple of TwitterSpace today on my iPhone - and recorded an episode with my initial thoughts:

New audio: One of the things I have seen in editing that frustrates newcomers is “conflict of interest” and the fact that you can’t simply go in and edit a page about your company, organization, or even yourself .. so I recorded an episode about it - TDYR 405 - A Frustrating Aspect of Wikipedia: "Your" Page Is NOT Yours To Edit - Explaining COI -

Noticing that today's date is all 0s, 1s, and 2s, not matter how you write it numerically:

- 2021-02-10
- 10-02-2021
- 02-10-2021

Of course, that is ALSO true of tomorrow (2021-02-11) and Friday (2021-02-12).

New audio: Back on January 15, 2021, celebrated its 20th anniversary and also its 1 billionth edit. In this episode I talk about the amazing Wikipedia community, and some of my own experience in that space -

Huge opportunity for funding projects in the southeastern USA - if you live in the southeast US, or know people who do, please share this info about a new grant program to help create better access through projects such as and more.

More info:



@Wiobyrne @dajbelshaw That's a great challenge! Getting content *out* has been an ongoing challenge for me. I used to write *daily* back in the mid-2000s and early 2010s... but it's been more of a struggle in recent years.

I wrote a bit about my own struggle in the second part ("CONTENT") of this recent post:

And... I had a whole daily plan.... which was actually working.. up until all that happened here in the USA on January 6. That derailed me. Hoping to get back!

@randulo In truth... we publish Internet Society content in French and Spanish, in addition to English. Given the amount of French in my current Mastodon timeline, I thought I might share here some of the articles I find more interesting. :-)

@Wiobyrne Good post. I'm often talking to people about the "sunk cost fallacy". It's so hard to let go of those sunk costs. Also intrigued about the challenge... had not heard of it - I like the idea!

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