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Hi everyone!

After years on Twitter (nope, no FB for me) I'm quite pissed at how they scramble my timeline through non-functioning algorithms and mistargeted ads.

That and the decentralized aspect of is what brought me here (I also dig the 500 char limit).

I'm hoping to meet a lot of nice and interesting people here - I love retrocomputing and -gaming and tinkering around with stuff. I program computers for a living.

So, nice to meet you everyone! 😀

If you wanna be with me 🎶
Baby there's a price to pay 🎵
I'm a DOS game on a floppy 🎶
You gotta boot me the right way 🎼

Someone just redeemed a THIRTY SIX year old coupon at my store 😯

Why is 14.03 pi day anyway. What kind of sick joke is that

This is inacceptable, with vendors not updating the firmware on their products.

Got a bunch of old 5,25" disks for my and with one these (supposed to contain a game) I get this when running load "*",8 and then run.

Never seen this before, lets see what the internet knows about this load system.

5 years ago - still crazy that there was no public outcry about this.

Funny how the US are nowadays accusing a chinese company of something that they're doing themselves for years now.

After hearing two songs, I might get down to South Tyrol this summer to see these boys rocking.

And I hope, I can get their CD somewhere online.

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Wow, this sounds tight.
The singer screams as good as he is skiing. Badass. 🤘

Rise of Voltage - Time

I was super tired of firefox constantly removing my pinned url in its home page (which I totally only use for that like a big bookmarks page) so I made one for myself, you can steal and adapt the code it's super simple css (you'll need an extension to use it, it's linked in the README)

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