It'd be real shitty if the debt owning class gained significant political influence since preventable human misery helps drive their profits.

Something tells me this project never had a code review practice.


if (! empty($thing)) {
} else {

I can't even suss out the intentions of this change. It is literally the same function call with the same parameter down either path of a newly introduced if / else.

y tho dot jpg

Comment in an empty `if ( … ) { … }` block from 6 and a half years ago:

TODO: implement this maybe. yagni?

Just goes to show that if there is any doubt at all you almost certainly ain't gonna need it.

They opened for Apop in Atlanta many years ago. I bought their kinda-sorta greatest hits CD at the merch table. Then for years I couldn't find any info about them state-side and they fell off my radar.

I'm following them on Bandcamp now so at least I have a chance to be in the loop.

Not exactly a thriving club scene in rural northern Wisconsin. Madison & Minneapolis are both about 4 hours from here. I'm too old to travel that far without a hotel stay. And I only do that for live shows.

@gabek Do Beborn Beton have new stuff out?

Ah, I found their Bandcamp page. And yes they do.

Love to dig up the "report a death" process on various social media sites so I won't be prompted to congratulate my dead friends on various anniversaries and life events they didn't live long enough to see.

Billionaires, penis 

"That's a heck of a cock rocket, Jeff."

Had to go spelunking in my spam folder for a missing email. Hadn't done that in several months. How long as job listing spam been a thing?

I live in a town of 1,400 people. Exciting employers looking to hire in my area is even less likely than hot singles in my area.

Trying to establish a new routine. But it's hard.

On paper it's simple. I just wanna insert an hour of exercise between waking up and showering.

But apparently my brain _really_ leans on the shower + coffee combo to realize it's time to start the day.

It's much easier for me to exercise after my work day. But then I need a second shower. And that seems wasteful.

Early morning exercise is supposed to be best for sleeping. Another reason I'm trying to shift my day around.


Because tech is run by the cult of Ayn Rand. "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

Take a nap and drink all the water you can stand. Just preemptively.

Me last week: Yay! This new-to-me project has unit tests and a decent README!

Me today: A dozen of these tests are failing and the REAME is obviously stale by several months.

She calmed down significantly after the first shot. But continued with ragged breathing and twitching. It'd been so long maybe her muscles couldn't help but continue to twitch. It's exactly the sort of thing that I would have put her down earlier in order to avoid had I known it was coming. But she'd only had a couple of ~5 minute seizures about 6 weeks ago prior to this. Obvious neurological & cognitive decline since then. The clock has been ticking. But she still seemed happy.

Found Sierra seizing in her crate this morning. The local animal hospital with that claims to have emergency services turned us away (dog actively seizing in the back of the car) so we ended up at our regular vet shortly after 8. He gave her a shot of Valium that calmed things down but didn't end the trembling. We had to put her down around 8:30.


DM'd you some stuff. I'm not terribly familiar with the DM UI here on Mastodon so let me know if anything is overly disjointed or if info seems to be missing in my attempts at threaded messages.

@laura @gabek

I had about 10 solid minutes of smooth sailing once I disabled my VPN but within a couple seconds of seeing this convo I lost the stream.


I tuned in at 15 past the hour and got a message that the stream was offline. Reloaded and it seems to be back. I heard you say "persistence" but then it cut out again.

My VPN may be doing funky stuff for Owncast streams. Let me turn that off and try again.

Yep, seems to work fine now. I'm watching you sign in to the admin panel. :D

On a personal note, I’d really appreciate it if you could tune in today at 5PM Irish time to Small Is Beautiful and let us know how the stream is for you (quality, buffering, etc.) as we’re moving to Owncast and your feedback will help us tweak the settings if necessary :)


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