Finally! After months making all kind of mistakes in the merge request, Cows Revenge is published in F-Droid! Go ahead and try it!

Note that the neverending permision list are just placeholders, some text used by godot for the editor to create the apk and not actual permission to anything (as shown in the f-droid app) See this for more info

I've had a play, it's a nice little slow burner.

@darias I didn't know this game, after two days I'm addicted to Cows Revenge!!! 😀😀😀😀

@balcuta The game was published some months ago in flathub, google play and indeed, but it seems that that the fdroid community have made more noise about it. Thanks you for playing it!

@darias In my case I knew about #cowsrevenge in Mastodon and installed from the Play Store.

Regards!! 😀😀

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