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I would like to take this moment to publicly thank Linus Torvalds for making it so gosh darned fun to produce a weekly news show about Linux.

Side note: Tomorrow's #LundukeShow will be rated PG-13.

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Weekly Linux News – Jan 23rd, 2018

Video & Audio versions available at:

This episode of the #LundukeShow made possible by PogoLinux, System76, LulzBot, & Nerds Like You.

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Ugh. This sort of censorship is *always* bad. No matter what side of an issue you stand on.


It doesn't matter if those accounts being deleted belong to Nazis, White Supremacists, Black Panthers, Hamas, The UN, or anyone else.

Individuals should feel free to ignore or block other accounts... But the communication infrastructure should be available to all.

This is a big reason why we should be promoting and using decentralized and federated messaging systems.

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In case you missed the live stream, we announced that we will be supporting #Android apps on #UbuntuTouch! Watch it here: youtu.be/jyp5xI54j5M

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Mobile Linux: Ubuntu Phone OTA-3 Released by UBports project.

This update brings a number of new features and bug fixes to the Ubuntu Touch platform.

You can get Ubuntu Touch using the instructions on this page: ubports.com/page/get-ubuntu-to

#Linux #mobile #UBports #Ubuntu #Phone #OTA3 #Touch linuxrocks.online/media/aBKU2W

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Since yesterday 6 high-ranked apps from the #OpenStore poll are available.
Find out more about our latest app-drops via the UBports News Channel.


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