I engaged a deliberately inflammatory post the other day since there was a legitimate, underlying issue that bore discussing, to which I only got a deprecating reply of "lol", "not bait. k thx bai", and I find a "WARNING" email today from about my being "deprecating to transgenders", blah, blah... First of all, people really need to do their research. I'm a member of not just one, but THREE marginalized populations myself, and even other ALs discriminate against at least one

Secondly, anyone not wanting any dissent in their little echo chambers shouldn't be spamming publicly. Sharing publicly means you're open for debate. Thirdly, IF for some reason you "want to raise awareness" and actually ARE narrowminded, then it's easy enough to politely say you're not interested in talking. Finally, running to the network providers to silence someone who doesn't automatically just agree with you makes you a fascist, and THAT is why people hate you. Has nothing to do with ALs

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More on this later, provided doesn't decide to try to silence me totally now. With the clear bias evidenced in the email, I wouldn't put it past them. I'll still be on Matrix under the same name in any case, and I have all of the particulars backed up, just in case ;)

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