Heads up to all #Riot users: with the recent attack on @matrix' infrastructure, it's possible that Riot's Google Play version got compromised. This doesn't affect Riot's F-Droid version. Just as Riot started to do now, F-Droid has always signed all its apps on an inaccessible, offline machine. For more information, see riot.im/reinstall

To avoid maintenance overhead, however, it's likely to happen that F-Droid users must also change the app in near future. Still, there's no need to act now.

@fdroidorg @matrix Who's behind Matrix? How does it compare to Mastodon? Is it safe?

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Matrix is more real-time / group chat oriented where Mastodon is more for micro-blogging. For now the two don’t federate between them.

It has a robust spec, featuring optional end-to-end encryption which −IMHO− is very secure, despite the recents attacks that only impacted the “official” implementation but not the core itself (and they showed good response).

Behind Matrix is Matrix.org which is a non-profit organization that runs the spec, and there are some for-profit organizations too that makes the implementations, and other collaborators since it’s Free Software (disclaimer: I’m not very sure of that last bit).


As far as the last part, the community actually fractured a while back over (apparently) fundamental disagreement about how development priorities should be set, and potential mismanagement of funds by NV (or some such thing). The fork (The Grid) still aims to retain some compatibility afaik, but who's a "collaborator" and who's a "competitor" got a lot more muddied.
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@darkmeson @pj Did not knew that about The Grid. I just had a look about their overview, explaining the differences with Matrix. It's interesting. I now look forward this project (too).

One small update: they claim attachments are actually encrypted now, and it looks like they might be, but I haven't had a chance to peek under the hood and verify yet (so ymmv)

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