I'm not surprised. Anxiety (for our cerebral sort anyway) is often a symptom pointing to a tired brain (as is depression, btw). GABA being the "primary"neurotransmitter, it gives us an exogenous mechanism to put on the brakes so it can rest, and ultimately be able to focus its energies better. A five minute "nap" or "smoke break" (especially involving standing in the cold) sometimes helps too, and especially when combined with the chemical method.

What?Did they refuse to facilitate the theft of (more of) our PII?:)

I'm glad you're finding your way on your own, but as there's anxiety (and perhaps, a pension for anxiety in general) I'd just point out that the Ballmer effect was found to be real too ;)

Not suggesting drinking on the job, of course, but there ARE other GABAergics like phenibut and kava kava, as well as prescription options like baclofen that seem to help our sort a goodly amount of the time too (think: mental clarity)

Yes, therein lies the problem. Google acts as a third party, stealing and broadcasting private data like any other nosy busybody, so naturally, no one wants to have anything to do with them. Personally, I just don't allow devices with Google services installed to ever know my real name and use Tor so I can sue the living hell out of anyone who dares libel/slander/defame me, but that's me :)

Coincidentally, imo, our goverment officials should have already codified something similar from their side, but they're more about catering to businesses and SIGs in exchange for "campaign contributions" these days (yes, I said it)

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I have to wonder if there's a way to permanently, legally bind our own ability to consent to online ToSes and so forth without offering up a written, signed consent form. Seems like that'd put a major crimp in companys' and others' ability to steal PII by creating additional liability landmines to counter their abusive and obnoxious use of long documents of legalese to get people to blindly hit, "I agree"

Good for you :)

As a wise man once said, "too soon oldt, and too late schmart". It's one of those things you'll think you fully understand now, but I guarantee you'll know otherwise in a couple decades. Much like all that DNA and RNA stuff ;)

You probably just need a (small!) amount of alcohol ;)

See also: phenibut, kava kava

The same argument would work for emotional pain too to some extent. It's just that events causing the bulk of the emotional pains (declining health and demise of parents, realizing the highly ephemeral/fleeting nature of all of life's moments, etc) DO tend to happen later in adult life.

I think it's because we learn the value of contempt for judgmental people and stop caring so much about what (we fear) other people will think.

The funny thing is, all anyone really needs is a real ("direct") democracy, and the economic policy would end up being inherently socialistic to begin with. As-is, all we have are dictatorships, oligarchies, aristocracies, and other forms of insanity targeted at letting a small number of idiots hoard the wealth and presume to dictate to their betters what they HAVE to do

Wouldn't put it past Google to be using gboard's unnecessary phone-homes to be giving someone at the company remote access to screw with your dreams for the purposes of attempting direct, neural advertising or some such thing :)

Being controversial and/or being a helpful, information-dense "know it all" tends to work, but the latter isn't really possible for anyone below about 30 (so...not for anyone who actually cares about things like this)

Everyone's doing it, it's just that everyone else is doing it in more subtle, manipulative ways to maximize the information assymetry that predators use to put their prey at a disadvantage (ex: buying PII from Apple, Google, etc)

Nope. Externally administered cannaboids are useless to people who are in shape and exercise

Good way to end up too smart for your own good. On the other hand, it's also a good way to end up perpetually alone, since highly intelligent people tend to be ostracized in various, subtle ways.

More to the point: figure out what you want and go all-in, because you can't have it all, and even trying is a good recipe for ending up with nothing

Looks expensive. Think I'll stick to cheaper stuff, like offlabel vodka and gin. The GABA, dopamine, etc rushes are what make the overall experience anyway ;)

Hmm...maybe I need to collect my online content into a "book". I've been called every -ist in the book (many of which being practically and obviously impossible) by countless, willfully stupid people who couldn't be bothered to step outside of themselves or look below the surface, so it might just be the right mix of controversial and informative to have broad enough audience appeal to make a mint. Who says social media streams are useless time wasters? :)

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