Attention @toool & followers, I stumped him:

LockLab video 1,000 featuring the TSA keys & a previous lock I sent to them:

Something a bit random that a lot of people enjoyed:

If you enjoyed any of these things, I'd appreciate a follow or getting a hold of me in some capacity if you want to work on something together.

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Here's some of the more popular posts made that people find interesting, along as some things that I work on:

Do you work in or are a or ? check out this thread. Great for

The HOPE 2600 panel we did on the featuring @darksim905 @nite0wl_2600 & @J0hnnyXm4s

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Hello followers. I'm DarkSim905 & I can be found at - I'm a System Administrator & Security enthusiast.

I run @NJ_Infosec , one of the premier infosec meetups in Central New Jersey.

I founded @TOOOL_NJ , reviving New Jersey's offical @TOOOL chapter. You may also see me at conferences helping run their lockpick villages. If you're in PA, you should check out @LVHackers - I was able to meet great people like @da_667 @sten0_SE @InfoSecSherpa & others!

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Troy Hunt's little narrative tracking down a scam VPN provider has some interesting bits to it.

I like the bit where their street address is conterminous with a Pho joint.

Some observations so far:
* Doing anything is much slower here. Is this heavily dependent on the instance? More testing required.
* Why can't I just click on your status & reply to it, via the web? The ''main'' profile page seems to be an afterthought.
* Why does it take so many clicks to do anything?
* Why can't I drag columns around? At least give us *that* from TweetDeck. COME ON.
* Why do so many of you follow me? I'm a nobody
* So much to do, so little time...

quick way to spin up one of these instances for ... reasons?

@Viss is just posting GIFs to make the experience of fun here as painful as possible :-(

feel deflated after today. I mean, it's not that I'm broken or anything but trying to get something so big & scary & huge like Spacewalk & failing sucks. I mean, there's an unusual amount of moving parts & it is kind of a pain in the ass.

There are guides, but following some of the official Github is best. But even after that, Python started giving errors. Couldn't really be bothered to troubleshoot. I mean, is it so hard to find a Linux equivalent to Group Policy, AD & file consistency?

Hey baby, is that a woolly toot in your pocket or are you just tooting to see me?

So ... this is like tweetdeck but not quite :-(



this is so different & scary & lonely here :thinking:


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