@darktable Hi and welcome. Please set a rel=me link on your website so we can tell profile equivalence.

Until this people have to assume an unofficial account.

@darktable Cool, very happy to see my favorite FOSS project on mastodon 😃

@darktable welcome, you are my favourite foss image processing program ever!

@darktable ...I hope we'll still be able to see you in the future; a lot of instances are silencing mastodon.social and some are even flat-out defederating.

@darktable @IceWolf Nothing in particular. People just see it as a place susceptible to spam and is too large to effectively moderate. I think it's a fine choice of instance, honestly

@MadestMadness @darktable No there was something that happened recently, digging it up...

@MadestMadness @darktable So basically, it's not just that it's full of spam, it's that one of the moderators is being /absolutely awful/ and the other mods don't seem to care about that at all.

@IceWolf @MadestMadness soooo people block a whole instance based on their modos ? That's… interesting.

@darktable @MadestMadness Well yeah, because if the moderation is actively going around harassing the people they're supposed to be keeping safe...

@darktable Hi darktable. I didn't launch you in a while, but I haven't forgotten about you. You'll be well fed raws and sidecars 🚗 🚙 soon enough.

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