The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :

@darktable @secretlifeofmatt @paperdigits

but why on github and not on @codeberg

Give your free project a free home.


No tracking. Your data is not for sale.

@mondstern because there will always be a newer, cooler and nicer plateform somewhere else, but at some point the job needs to be done. We can't switch platforms every year, it's too much overhead for everyone.

(To be clear, "the job" is developing image processing software, not developing migration scripts and other tools to set the tools to set the tools to do the job).

@secretlifeofmatt @paperdigits @codeberg

@darktable @mondstern @paperdigits @codeberg I really appreciate your huge work, but quitting Microsoft's github is not a matter of features, but privacy and freedom.

staying on Github is a matter of features. Leaving it would be a matter of ideology, at the expense of features. Besides, everything we host on Github is public anyway, the most private things would be email adresses but any other Git platform will store them in commits just as well.

@paperdigits @codeberg @mondstern

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@darktable @paperdigits @codeberg @mondstern Yes, every choice usually is ideology. I was just stating that changing from github was not a matter of being "cooler" or "newer".

The problem with github is not you but the company behind it. They have already blocked some developers (iranian, if I remember correctly).

In general, I prioritize ideology (or human rights and privacity, I would say) before features. Being ethical.
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