Calling us "an open alternative to Lightroom" gives the impression that we're trying to match Lightroom feature for feature, but we're not some knock off. We do things our own way, we have feature that Lightroom doesn't have and we lack some features that Lightroom does have.

We're a RAW editing application.

@darktable @sandzwerg You don't need to match something feature by feature to be an alternative.

A bike is an alternative to taking a bus, but that doesn't mean it has to have the same features and it doesn't have to work for everyone.

But it's comparable and has a reasonable amount of overlap in functionality.

@morre @sandzwerg That would be great if that is the way people understood it. But they don't.

@darktable @sandzwerg As long as you don't claim feature parity, why not let this be the problem of those people?

@morre @sandzwerg We try, but we hear about it regularly. Go look up darktable review or release announcement covered by and blog/outlet. It always says "darktable, a lightroom alternative" ...

Well, if I search for a program that sits in the same niche as $commercial-program, »alternative« is a probable term…

@darktable personally I've tried a couple RAW editing software, including lightroom, I find darktable to allow for the most creative freedom. Also it has a steep learning curve and one has to learn the ins and outs of each module over time. Overall it's my favorite photo editor. ❤️

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