Before the rise of industry, it was normal for people to sleep in two phases each night.

People had no set bedtimes. Sleeping was determined by whether or not there were things to do. Most people would have a first and second sleep, with a couple of hours awake inbetween. This is probably the way humans are supposed to sleep.

Modern schedules don't really let us do that. Perhaps we should think about changing that.


@InvaderXan I used to do this before I had meds, though it was more to maximise the possible number of hours for sleep than anything else. By going to sleep when I did, I could guarantee anything up to 12 hours if I really needed it. (And then I had another 4ish hour nap before I had to get up, after a couple of hours for homework)

I would go back to it with how early I'm getting up for classes, but so far I've found that either I wake up way too early or I never get enough sleep.

Yeah, it's difficult when you have a fixed schedule which you need to work around, I guess.

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