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The estimated cost to end world hunger is approximately $30 billion per year. Ending world poverty would cost $175 billion.

In 2018, the world had a collective military budget of $1739 billion.

Hunger and poverty could be eradicated with just 12% of the amount of money spent on "defence".

The USA alone could reduce its military budget enough to end hunger and poverty, and still have the largest military spending in the world.

military carbon dioxide 

Additionally, the US military is the world's largest consumer of oil.

In 2011, the US military used 117 million barrels of oil. Assuming average combustion engine efficiencies, that equates to around 13 million metric tons of CO2. There is no reason to believe they used less in 2018.

Emissions from the military are conspicuously absent from most publicly available information on CO2 emissions by source.

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the military is a global burden 

It's not so easy to find estimates for global military oil usage or CO2 emissions. Chances are, it's proportional to their available budget though.

It's safe to say that warfare is one of the biggest drains on our planet's resources and one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis.

In short, if humans could get over their obsession with weapons and violence, a lot of the world's problems could be alleviated or solved much more rapidly.

I'm just saying.

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the military is a global burden 

@InvaderXan People try to cite technologies developed by the military that eventually benefitted civilians as a reason to keep them around, but TBH it's nothing we wouldn't have come up with ourselves eventually.

Anything that's useful to the majority of humans would eventually be invented anyway, because it was useful. And it may even have happened faster, or become useful to civilians faster.

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