The grey wool gauze dress is now in its pre-finishing wash! (Unfortunately, due to the neckline I can't post any photos until the lacing is done... But on the plus side, it did come out longer than the original, and the sleeves make it more wearable.)

I'm planning a linen version and a silk dupion version (the latter probably shorter and with a looser sleeve style, the former I'm planning to have full-length sleeves with laced forearms and a scoop neck with lace up placket.)

But before those, I'm moving on to deal with the duster coat, since the weather here is reaching the point where it's raining a lot, and also starting to warm up.

And I discovered the hard way a couple of weeks ago that my main jacket at the moment is only water-resistant. Not waterproof. (There's a crucial difference.)

I want to figure out a detachable hood as well, possibly via a detachable shoulder capelet.

I have the black canvas for it (cotton canvas; I couldn't find anywhere selling linen canvas for garments) and I have the ingredients to waterproof it.

The recipe I've been given is a 2:1:1 ratio of beeswax:boiled linseed oil:a solvent. (My chosen solvent is gum turpentine; it's apparently the least likely to aggravate my solvent sensitivity, and also the least likely to cause any skin irritation compared to mineral turps or white spirit.)

I have to wait for a portable electric hotplate to arrive to actually make the waterproofing mix though. I don't want to make it indoors - mostly because of the fume issues, partly also because indoors all I have is a gas burner and I don't want an open flame anywhere near the turpentine.

But, I plan to construct the coat first (sans buttons) and then treat it, so I need to work on the pattern first.

The pattern packet I have - the Buckaroo Bobbins Range Coat - is far too big for me, even in the smallest size. And it's to the point that I have to drastically adjust the shoulders and armsceye.

When I first tried to work with the pattern, my lecturer advised using my body block to work out the torso and sleeves. I'm going to try that, adjusting with outerwear ease everywhere except the shoulders. (Messing with the shoulders just doesn't end well for me.)

The other coat I want to work on is the toile of the Simplicity 8262, but I don't have anything I can make a waterproof version in and the weather is getting too warm for that.

Oh, and the Lichen coat... which I still need to finish the toile of for myself...

Still. I'm trying to focus on one project at a time, even though my time to do a lot of this stuff is so limited at the moment.

@dartigen Hot-water bath as an alternative?

Heat the constituents in a pot or bucket of boiled water (off heat, of course).

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