Ugh. Had to give up on the hooded coat pattern after an hour or so because I just cannot figure out how to do the front. I wanted two overlapping sections in front - the outer fastening with buttons, the inner secured with a couple of hook-and-eye fasteners - and I tried just extending the CF horizontally, but it somehow didn't look right.

I'm going to put that on the back burner and try to get the Lichen coats out of the way first.


I finished the toile of mine last night, and it looks like all I need to do is shorten the sleeves, bring the hem up a bit (so the longest part falls just below my knee instead of almost at my ankles) and take some width out of the waist (so it doesn't paper-bag when belted).

I'm thinking then that I might take a look at the Simplicity 8262 pattern and see if it gives me an idea of what to do with a buttoning front for a coat.

Essentially, what I wanted was an underlap a bit narrower than what you might do for a double-breasted coat (but enough to improve the rainproofing over a standard button front) and the overlap such that the buttons sit on the CF line. I know, that probably means cutting seperate left and right fronts, but oh well.

I also just realised it would be worth doing a two-piece sleeve since the fabric (cotton canvas) is stiff enough even before waterproofing, and I doubt it softens up much.

It's still frustrating though, and I still really feel like I need to look at another jacket or coat pattern to make sure that I actually have it right.

And there's so much more sewing I want to get finished, but so very little time... I think some public holiday weekends are coming up though, so I might have a chance to put enough time in to something for once.

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