Slowly getting there! I'm in the process of understitching the collar (by hand for precision's sake) but I also still need to press and understitch the facings before I can start on setting the sleeves.


I've decided to do an old-school sleeve lining - cutting two more sleeves from the rust-coloured cotton sateen, but a bit shorter (maybe by 3-4cm, eyeballing it from my store-bought lined jackets) and sewing the sleeve seam, then inserting them into the main sleeve and securing the hem.

From there, I'd then treat the sleeve as a single piece of fabric. Might need to baste the lining at the sleeve head but that's nbd.

Very nearly done with the coat now - I have one sleeve to set, then some catch stitching to do on the facings, and then it's on to hemming.

I've decided to do machine blanket stitch a little bit back from the hem proper, which seems to look fine.

And then it's on to my coat... which needs some pattern alterations first, but that's what a long weekend is for, right?

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