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I know Ausglam probably has posts about this, but I'm curious as to whether international readers know this without context. (Do not reveal the context in the replies, I will reveal it tomorrow night.)

Leno weave is that sort of heavy/textured looking fabric you see most Henley shirts in. I've seen some people call the fabric 'waffle cloth' but on shirt-weight fabric it's usually too hard to see the square (or hexagonal) dimples (It's more visible on blanket-weight fabrics - gets used heavily for hospital blankets here.)

I've seen upholstery and blanket weight fabrics, but the former is usually too stuff and scratchy and the latter far too thick.

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I have a pattern to sew socks.

Once I have finalized my gloves pattern I will be that much closer to being able to sew everything I could ever need.

This is the cabinet, and the current state of the sewing nook. (There's a plastic storage tub under the black canvas with more stuff in it.)

It just feels like it's going to be such a huge job to reorganise everything and ugh, I'd rather finish fixing the wrap top pattern and try out the blouse pattern and see if they work.

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While I take a break from working on the hooded Lichen coat (depending on how successful it is, I'll share my modifications) I made up a rough plot for a couch cover, using the sheet sets from my old bed (which won't fit my new bed).

The couch is a modular - the chaise section can be moved to the left or right side of the couch section - so I'm planning to do flat-felled seams and a double-fold hem (so it's reversible).

T tunic tutorial 

Finally, sew up the sleeve seams. You may need to pull the gusset seam allowance back towards the gusset to stop it from getting caught in the seam. It's also a good idea to flip the sleeve over and check that the stitching lines meet on both sides where the gusset seams begin.

In a few more hours we'll get onto the neckline, before we start dealing with the gores. Mark which side of your tunic will be the front.

At the point, your tunic will look a bit like this.

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T tunic tutorial 

And now it gets even more fiddly again! Fold your sleeve over at the centre mark. Notice how your gusset just sort of hangs down? Fold the gusset upwards now.

Sew the two loose sides of the gusset to the opposite edges of sleeve and body panel, once again without going over the seam allowances. Try to avoid leaving any gaps as well, as best as you can. (If it comes down to it, filling in a gap with hand stitches is fine!)

It should look like this:

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T tunic tutorial 

You should end up with two sleeve pieces that look like this.

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T tunic tutorial 

Ack! I didn't realise until now that I posted the photos of the graph paper plot without any alt text.

I don't want to break the thread by deleting and redoing the toot, so here are the images again, with alt text.

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T tunic tutorial 

We now return to the tutorial, after a far too tiring work day...

The graph paper is how you get both your cutting layout and your estimate of fabric needed. Here's some photos of my efforts today for an idea of what it eventually looks like (including some crossing-out because I used a pen; don't use a pen, use a pencil).

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Slowly getting there! I'm in the process of understitching the collar (by hand for precision's sake) but I also still need to press and understitch the facings before I can start on setting the sleeves.

Fundraising for legal costs to get a pet back

"As many of you know, Ryan’s beloved cat, Davy, was unlawfully removed from their home on Saturday 1st of August. We are now pursuing justice, and hopefully Davy’s safe return."

I stand by all of this (I am not the person who set up the fundraiser, to be clear). Anything you can donate will help, and boosts go a long way too.

(Have some photos of Davy too.)

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Well, instead of pattern drafting I'm 'helping' rescue a barn owl that flew into a window in front of my parents while they were out for a morning walk. (The owl was being harassed by a flock of crows and tried to fly in under an awning that was covering a window. Was dazed for a good 10-15min, but otherwise seems ok. But we're going to a wildlife park since they'll know what to do beyond 'uhhh let it go in the backyard?')

I was about to do some hand-sewing in front of Netflix, but then found: mum's cleaning book.

It's fairly old (published 2010, I think) but I think it'll help with coming up with a cleaning schedule for the house when I get back, and maybe also with how to go about some things.

(In part because I'm not always clear on how often some things need to be done.)

The waistband, seat and leg seams are all finished with cotton bias binding by Captain 88 (Japanese brand), also purchased from Fibresmith. And the button is by Arrow Mountain and made from bamboo (and also from Fibresmith).

I have enough of the wool/cotton blend left to maybe piece up a short jacket liner, but I don't think it'd look good as an outer fabric on me. Still, I'm happy to have so much left.

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Well, sewing while hiding from a too-loud and chaotic house party last night was productive. Now I can share with everyone: the second finished pair of Thread Theory Eastwood pants, in cotton/wool blend from The Fabric Store.

It's a good pattern, the only adjustment needed was lengthening the legs a bit.

Some of the topstitching isn't as neat as I would like, but it worked.

So, here's the end result, with that awkward flare. I have a feeling it's partly the fabric (a medium-weight linen) and partly that I've done something wrong somehow.

The neckline might still need some work, and the armholes I think need to be cut deeper underneath. And I still need to narrow the shoulders. And hem/finish seams.

But still. At least now I know the conversion works.

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I got two more patterns today! I ordered these around the start of the year, so it's heartening that they've arrived.

These are from Buckaroo Bobbins; they're based on historic patterns, but not direct reproductions of. There were some historical notes on the vaquero outfit too.

Oh, and a sleepy Basil.

Alright, not quite finished - I can't be bothered overlocking the seams (and I did sew some of them as open seams, so awfully hard to overlock after sewing) and I'm leaving the hems and waistband elastic until tomorrow - but they are done!

And unlike the reviews I read when I first got the pattern... No droopy butt!

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Ah, photos! I've started filling the weighted blanket and yikes it feels heavy, even with maybe 1/10th of the final weight in it.

I did 3 horizontal channels today; neck and back have been tetchy all day so I had to call it quits at 3 but still.

22 more to go...

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