FYI, UK cat people: mass dry cat food recall, regardless of batch code, over potentially causing serious illness (confirmed affected: Sainsbury's, AVA, Applaws)

might be worth keeping an eye out for recall notifications if you're elsewhere in Europe as well

A gender critical is what happens when you roll a 19 or 20 and your gender deals double damage for that attack

Thoughts on the University's control mechanisms, cont'd: When does the designation of a student as "at risk," "developmental," "on probation" (an explicitly carceral term!) project a future where their exclusion is framed as inevitable. Terms like these seem predicated on the implication that the student's presence is an aberration, that they don't belong in University's space.

A desperate plea for help for my friend and her children 

Please help me to raise money for my close friend who's desperately trying to leave a deeply toxic and abusive environment with her two small and adorable children that don't deserve any of this shit. She's already been made homeless twice recently. Things are fully beyond breaking point and the official channels for support, though they've tried, are repeatedly failing her family in dangerous ways. (1/5)

one of the most surprisingly enjoyable genres of youtube videos to me is "guy gets called to do some job, and he turns up, and somebody has tried to do it already but made a mess of it"

it's interesting how one of the fashion cycles is "clothes that make you look big" vs "clothes that make you look small"


Chicken soup update - the pearl barley absorbed a *lot* of stock, lucky I froze some extra.

It may also need more lemon.

The dumplings work with it, but are possibly a bit much with the pearl barley.

...maybe that's why matzoh ball soup usually doesn't have any other carbs in it...

@natecull And when the disasters hit areas that had low-cost housing, when it's rebuilt it's suddenly... not very affordable for most people, let alone people on very limited incomes.

But, I doubt any city would ever be able to get people to agree to let them demolish and rebuild entire suburbs - over here, even with compulsory acquisition it takes a ridiculous length of time for any government authority to secure land for any infrastructure, and usually just the minimum required.

@natecull And that does seem to point to the conclusion that urban design that isn't disempowering isn't possible in the same economic system that caused poor urban design.

@natecull Repurposing existing buildings to shift the layout of residential vs non-residential is cheaper, but that assumes that all the buildings in question can be easily repurposed, and that's a dangerous assumption.

And even in that instance, I can't see it happening without whoever does it having to buy back the buildings, which means it will be incredibly expensive, which makes it less likely that it'll ever happen...

@natecull It's also a problem of trying to change the layout of modern cities. Short of massive natural disasters, it's almost impossible to conceive of how any city could make any major changes to how it's laid out.

(And we all know what happens after natural disasters... If anything, those tend to end up aggravating the layout problems, in no small part because natural disasters magnify existing disempowerment.)

I just find it really sad that we've now got for the first time since the car really, an incredibly decentralising technology.... and we're using it to create previously unthought of levels of both centralisation and deprivation.

And in this moment, some of the people who care the most about decentralising computing, are gambling their life savings and wasting millions in resources to literally *manufacture artificial scarcity* and don't understand the scale of wrongness of that idea.

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Mind you the opposite has now happened. Or both at once. We've now got suburban sprawl *and* overpriced central real estate. So maybe "hollow out the urban core" wasn't such an obviously dumb idea. But then again, White Flight. And then again, Urban Renewal. How come both directions of flow hurt people?

Maybe the problem of urban design that disempowers the masses just can't be solved in the same economic system that created it.

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Few humans actually living in Centerton *might* have been seen as a problem if they'd thought about from a slightly different perspective.

I guess it was a reaction to "eeeagh all our cities are pollution and crime" but um.

In 1939, we wanted the social and cultural center of our cities to not be bothered by such irrelevant trivialities as actual people living there? Why did we think that would help bring about democracy?

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Two visions of high modernity that shaped alternate sides of World War 2, and are still haunting us today.

In what ways are they similar?

In what ways are they different?

@sean Yeah. It sucks, but almost all writers have styles that are just impossible to mimic without it showing.

@sean If you're at all interested in film and special effects, if you can snag a copy of the 2006 film version of 'A Scanner Darkly' it did some groundbreaking stuff (for the times) with the 'scramble suit'. It's probably one of the more faithful film adaptations of a PKD work as well.

@sean Oh, I almost forgot that it was a PKD - We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, which IMO was a way better title even if it wouldn't have fitted nicely on posters and covers. (That ended up becoming Total Recall.)

And also 'The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch' - I've been meaning to get around to reading it, started it as a teen but never finished it.

@sean (like, no shade on the author's efforts, but most efforts to mimic another author usually fail, especially when said author is unfortunately no longer with us)

@sean Radio Free Albemuth and VALIS novels are probably the only othersI can think of, off the top of my head - the former is not always easy to get your hands on though.

They're...sort of companions? Radio Free Albemuth was the original starter to what was going to be the VALIS trilogy.

(I haven't even tried to get hold of The Owl in Daylight, mainly because the version out there isn't by PKD and is only based on his remaining notes - given how he was as a writer, I'm wary.)

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