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I have a pattern to sew socks.

Once I have finalized my gloves pattern I will be that much closer to being able to sew everything I could ever need.

Hey trans women and femme aligning people who have overcome challenges with vocal dysphoria!

Howd ya do it? I want to reclaim my voice so bad.

(Boosts welcome, please cw replies)

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need $50 for my HRT appointment (assuming it costs the same as the first one), $50 for groceries, and $80 for medical weed

i didn't get the 2nd and 3rd stimulus because my abusive parents claimed me as a dependent to steal them. i tried filing my taxes to get that fixed but they got rejected, so now i'm waiting on a credit card application so i have a way to sign into the IRS site that has the forms i need to fix my return and resubmit it

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly




thank you so much for saving my life multiple times and continuing to keep me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

ok well I finally gave in and made a gofundme to get me top surgery bc I am feeling relentlessly horrible with dysphoria

boosts very much appreciated!!!

(to everyone who has put money in my ko-fi: I've set it aside to put towards the costs, I'm not just pocketing it for treats! thank you so much)

Work griping 

Not so much time off that I lost the rhythm or forgot everything, but enough time off to properly rest and relax and recover.

I can only get 4 weeks of annual leave max in a year though, and can only take two full days of flex leave every 4 weeks, so I can't make the term breaks happen without taking a lot of unpaid leave, which is a problem.

The next best option is taking a long weekend every fortnight, but long weekends are only barely adequate.

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Work griping 

One colleagues got the AZ shot, and while she's also older, it floored her for almost two weeks so that's my metric for 'how much time off can I get away with'.

I honestly feel like that's why I coped better when I was studying. I had a regular two-week break which let me rest and recharge. End of year always kinda sucked because it was a bit too long, but term breaks were the perfect length.

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Work griping, vaccine 

It probably says a lot about how I feel about work right now that my.main reason for looking forward to a COVID shot is having a reason to take at least 2 weeks off.

I am expecting it to hit me like a truck, don't get me wrong, but I also plan to purposely be the biggest baby about it in order to try to swing 2 weeks of paid leave so I can like... have an actual break.

#Librarians friends of the Fediverse, I am looking for interesting newsletters or RSS feeds about libraries I could follow. Could you help me?

Mostly around:

#library and #librarianship in general, #archives are an interest too, physical and digital sides both
All things #public #library
#cataloguing in all its form
#games library, in particular #boardgame library

Mainly EN and FR, but feel free to point to stuff in other languages, I will check it out, thanks to the miracle of today’s internet translators.


Amis #bibliothécaires du Fédiverse, je suis à la recherche d’infolettres ou de flux RSS intéressant à propos des bibliothèques que je pourrais suivre. Pouvez-vous m’aider?

Principalement autour de :

#bibliothèques et travail de #bibliothécaires en général, les #archives m’intéressent également, tant les aspects physiques et numériques
Tout autour des #bibliothèques #publiques
#Catalogage sous toutes ses formes

Principalement EN et FR, mais je jetterai un œil à des choses en d’autres langues aussi grâce aux miracles des traducteurs en ligne d’aujourd’hui.


I have two coats that were sold to me as being waterproof. They're not. One isn't even splash-resistant.

So I'm making my own.

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The other option is to do it slowly and take breaks as needed. It takes a while for the linseed oil to polymerize, so it shouldn't be a problem to work in small patches. (Plus, I have to sponge the mix on and work it right into the fabric, so my hands would get tired eventually anyway.)

The whole reason for bumping up the waterproof coat? It's raining basically all week after tomorrow, I have no raincoat, I can't find any in adult sizes, and I've learned to not trust shops about 'waterproof'.

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I don't think the P2 masks I got for the bushfire smoke are going to be much help either, mainly because they're aimed more at filtering particles, not gases.

To be fair I don't think anyone doesn't have a bad time with exposure to solvent fumes... but I'm ridiculously sensitive. As in, I can't use nail polish anymore because I get a headache and feel nauseous before I've even finished one hand.

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Ofc I still don't know how I'm going to go with actually applying the waterproofing. My homemade mix probably isn't great in terms of solvents, but I do no better (worse sometimes) with aerosols and the only place that you used to be able to send stuff in for professional fabric treatments shut down years ago.

I do know that the ventilation doesn't matter. It can be as windy as it gets and I can be upwind of the mix and I'll still have a bad time.

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At some point today I'm going to finish the test blouse and do another fitting check, before I move on to a redraw of the Simplicity 8262 pattern.

I already need to modify the existing pattern to shorten it because a near ankle-length hem? With wool velvet? On city streets? Nope.avi. (It'll get utterly filthy and it's too hard to clean.)

I also need to get a variant ready for the waterproof coat, which I'm doing with a regular hem.

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I'm learning Scottish #Gaelic and oinline I use

- #duolingo for learning the #language (in addition to the books I bought)

- #LearnGaelic as dictionary, general reference and sometimes for grammar

- (slightly coughing 😊 ) Google as translation service

Question to all the #gàidhlig learners and speakers: which online resources (dictionaries, courses, translation sites, reference, ... ) do you use or would you recommend?

#boost welcome

i just heard the phrase "we stan" in a tv ad

so that expression is dead now

press f to pay respects

I'm thinking as well that it may be better to attach the neckline bindings prior to doing the shoulder seams. This is a weird way to do it, but it makes it less likely that it'll behave weirdly around that area, I think.

The button placket can be straight grain, that's no biggie. It just needs to be double-layered for strength.

This also means I can do it as a contrast, which was my original plan - using silk noil for the body, and tussah silk for the bindings.

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Blouse remake is... partly working, partly not.

The major fitting issues (sleeve binding, excess fabric in the back, generally weird fit) are resolved, I think.

But the neckline binding and button placket are being stubborn. There's weird angles at the shoulder seam, and one side of the front facing/placket is creasing oddly.

I'm thinking the solution is to make the actual neckline binding a seperate piece from the button placket, and cut it on the bias so it follows the curves better.

its not enough to be "against" the system in a way that causes you to act in ways that are only performatively hostile to it. doing so simply creates a new strata and category for the system to work with and incorporate into itself. its not enough to be against the system, you must be above the system

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while being cool and disaffected and totally removed from 'labels' and 'cliques' and 'the popular kids' may look like one is deliberately making a break from this system, trying to exorcise oneself from the system by merely rejecting the system is an easy way for your attitude and psuedo-ideology to be co-opted and recuperated by the very system you're trying to rebel against

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