Introduction To Video Editing With Blender 2.80 On Linux! Cut, Overlay, and more.

@system76 Huge shout out to Pop!_OS. As we wait for AMD patch to roll out for new 3rd gen Ryzen CPUs. @system76 went ahead and fixed the issue. No other Linux distro I tried booted. But Pop!_OS setting the bar high. fixing it before AMD even could. Impressed.

AMD 3900x 12 core 24 thread 7nm CPU is in my hands today! Happiness is.

Oh my...Endeavour with a few little tweaks looks incredible.

Checking out Endeavour OS. Tried it in a VM first, love what I’m seeing so now bare metal. Really excited about this Arch based distro

On a Godzilla kick lately. Here is my ranking thus far: #1 Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla , #2 Shin Godzilla, #3 Godzilla , Mothra, And King Ghiodorah All Out Attack, #4 Godzilla 2000, #5 Godzilla vs Megaguirus. Up next Godzilla vs Destroyah.

My community voted on where the rest of the money I made on Youtube this month should go and Debian was the winner! Debian utilizes Software in the Public Interest whom holds assets in trust for Debian. So donation inbound!
Please support your favorite FOSS devs or projects with time, money, or just saying thank you! @debian

It's so beautiful. I have so much to learn but each time I pull up the server interface it gives me geek chills. @freenas @iXsystems

Next FOSS thank you donation to the organization that supports Arch Linux along with many other great organizations. Mad love! @archlinux I hope everyone who is able remembers to donate, get involved or just say thanks to your favorite FOSS developers and organizations.

For the first of my FOSS thank you donations. Linux Mint team. You’ve helped me convert so many people to Linux over the last 3 years. I appreciate everything you do to make Linux so approachable. I hope everyone able remembers to donate to your favorite FOSS project. Money, time, or just say thanks! @linuxmint

Had our first North Georgia Coffee and Linux hangout. We talked Linux and Linux and more Linux. It was awesome. If you’re in Georgia the next hangout is April 13th. Details at

At the dentist waiting. Already don’t trust dentistry and their lack of technological breakthroughs. Still using metal picks, drills, and pliers. Then I see they’re using Windows I really don’t trust them.

Openshot needs some love on my FOSS Friday Appreciation day.They've been doing some great things over there. Small token of appreciation sent. @openshot

I’ve been starring at this screen for a good while. It’s like being a kid in a candy store. So many great DEs...never been a better time to be in Linux.

@UBports - yes, their work is incredible. Such a talented team. FOSS Friday Appreciation day wouldn't be complete with a donation here as well.

I can't not donate to LibreOffice. Love that project.

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