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The ravens were not impressed with this hawk using the water dish as a hot tub.

This makes me want to bootleg some tv shows off HBO during a free preview weekend.

Shot this all handheld, in the dark a few hundred feet below Paris. Happy with how well some of them turned out.

This is my favorite picture that I took inside Notre Dame last week. Glad I was able to visit before the fire.

Notre Dame Fire 

We were at Notre Dame a few hours before the fire broke out and watched it burn from the Left Bank of the Seine.

Unless Joe Biden is running for president of a Marie Calendar restaurant I don't want to hear it.

Horror movies 

Tried to watch Terrifier last night. I turned it off because it was utter garbage. Very gory and exploitative, which can be fine, if there's a point. When your movie lacks a plot, things like exploitation and gore are just there for the shock factor, which is inexcusable and lazy.

Unpopular Opinion: The Apple watch is and continues to be a trinket, with little horological value. On par with a $20 "designer" watch from a mall kiosk.

It's amazing that Alex Jones is just literally someone's ranting uncle. The internet is great, but seriously lacks gatekeepers.

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