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Reminder that my new main is @shel

though a friend is spinning up an instance I plan to move to when it gets set up, so... that's sort of a temporary main?

I will be using my @shel alt indefinitely/until I find a permanent instance home that isn't bogged down for hours

Also realized that maaaybe should remove my contact info from my bio given we have DMs now and I get a lot of attention from strangers now

I will be using my @shel alt indefinitely/until I find a permanent instance home that isn't bogged down for hours

hi please follow my icosahedron alt. It will be my main for now.

-> @shel

is there a reason why even though I rename myself and delete my accounts every two years I consistently get Popular and Infamous everywhere I go??

I got quoted in an article. I'm famous.

should I switch to my icosa account being my main? or wait until there's maybe another instance I'd rather main? so I don't migrate too often?

Maybe I just won't read the articles about Mastodon so I won't get mad about how they framed things or what they got wrong or left out

I may or may not be quoted in one of them and I don't wanna know tbh

My flat feet are killing me right now but I have five minutes until I walk uphill in the rain to my bus

And then I'm going to fall asleep in my bed

Somehow, as exhausting as today has been, I'm not gonna be staying overtime?? Just an 8 hour day? Wow! So between today and yesterday I've only worked an hour overtime.

I've still got to come in on Saturday which makes I think 5 hours I can take off this week? Hmmm

OK but srsly why don't rich people eat anything. There was 45 tables and never more was more than two pieces of food actually eaten even partially. Except for the tables with girls.

Are rich people human??? When do they eat???

This this is from a slideshow on a monitor nowhere near the restrooms

I look cute but all my selfies have my org's logo eeveerrywwhheerree

Just got back to my office from the big fundraiser and I have hiding in the bathroom to take a friggin break I'm so tired I can't believe I'm only 3 hours into my likely 9-10 hour shift

Be glad Mastodon doesn't implement quote-boosting or this would be about 10x worse lmao.

@Trev this is not your name or face I'm very confused

update: Admins can now easily close registrations with a custom message. In other news, I have closed registrations to mastodon.social for now ensure a quality of service for all existing ones, and to promote other federated nodes.

the perfect instance would be
1. gay
2. gay
3. gay
4. furry
5. monstrous
6. positive
7. not ableist, racist, sexist, or transphobic
8. gay
9. rly gay
10. well moderated