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shel🐕 @datapup

@u2764 hmmmm. I think the issue is overbroad generalizations of an inherently extremely diverse set of people. I also think "call out culture pitchfork mobs online" is not the same as "armed revolution." nobody wants to be seen as the former and I don't think it happens nearly as often as is perceived.


gee what the heck happened to day to make my mental health plummet so much yikes. is it just cuz its raining? cuz of the fog?

@u2764 i think it's connected to this like, idea that there's awful sjws with pitchforks out to get upset about everything. you'll be hard pressed to actually find mobs with pitchforks but nobody wants to be associated with that image so they immediately make sure as quickly as possible that you know they're One Of The Good Ones

@u2764 what i've noticed is that the moment a single person seems vaguely upset, everyone jumps to blow up this idea that "everyone is upset/discourseing" so they can shitpost and present themselves as "above it all."

Like 90% of the time I never actually find mobs with pitchforks I find a single person vaguely upset and hundreds of people making sure you know they aren't

@u2764 that goes for here and twitter

@u2764 oh if it was last night i wasnt online as much then. but yeah i dont think anyone here was upset? as far as i can still 95% of people are just making jokes about femfreq's tweets and the vague idea that there is discourse but nobody is actually discourseing?

@u2764 but twitter has been talking about Being Horny all day and Krystal and i was soooo confused until someone on here connected it to nick robinson and then googling around i found someone connect it to femfreq.

i guess ppl were shitposting abt it being illegal to be horny but i didnt think it was connected cuz thats not a new joke? but maybe it was connected

@u2764 like literally since 10am EST through now I've been on mastodon and the first mention of it on federated timeline was:

@u2764 nobody on mastodon said anything about it. I've been on masto all day

wait feminist frequency's twitter manager got in a fight with nick robinson

is that what all those posts were about?

Uneducated feels

@CoronaCoreanici it's not really so simple. I've had a friend trying to teach me K-12 math for a while now and there's just a lot of trauma rocks to trip over and like, it's very embarrassing and hard to stay motivated because I'm always hitting stuff like apparently not knowing what a rectangle is which i thought i knew. especially in math because they love to have very specific definitions of words that are not the common usage but it's not clear that theyre different

Uneducated feels

@CoronaCoreanici i'm not really up to it right now but i appreciate the offer. catching up on elementary school sciences is something i've been meaning to do for a while it's just a very difficult process as an adult so like, it's something i'll try in a more concerted intentional way when i feel ready

Uneducated feels

@CoronaCoreanici thanks for trying i guess.

rhombi are wobbly squares? they're anything with four sides?

Uneducated feels

@CoronaCoreanici i dont have a first grade education and probably will not understand without a visual aid. I have a B.A. is psychology, linguistics, and critical theory but I don't have a first grade education because my life is ridiculous

Uneducated feels

@CoronaCoreanici i dont understand what this means. a rectangle is like a long square and a square is like a box so a rhombus is like a very square box? im confused

Uneducated feels

MBMBaM episode making fun of uneducated child celebrities like "Haha what's a rhombus" and I have no clue what a Rhombus is either and they called that "basic shapes" and so apparently I don't know how to identify basic shapes. thanks Griffin. I feel like shit now.

@ojdaye but is it really news...

#ACAB means the same thing in French as in English right?

assigned cop at birth?

the phrase "McElcest" popped into my head and I realized there's a 0% chance this term isn't already being used by a community of people writing incestuous fanfic about the McElroy Brothers