I wonder what social media phenomenon gave rise to the sudden rush of Spanish-language tooters.

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2017: people are making fun of the squeeze-bag-juice company
2117: all food is exclusively available from DRM-protected bags, hand-squeezing is prohibited by law

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AN USER: I'm trying to install this desktop app but I can't figure out which package is the right one for my mac?

AN DEVELOPERER (wise): ugh, just use these four package managers to install the runtimes for seven programming environments you don't use so you can build it from source, obviously? wtf is wrong with you

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welcome to goulag / internet censorship / russia 

It's a black day for internets: a bill draft was proposed by Russian government that bans usage of , , and other anonymizers. This happened only 10 days after a Tor exit node administrator was arrested. Being anonymous is now a crime in Russia... rublacklist.net/27859/

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1st brain: writing a song in C major or A minor

2nd brain: composing in modal or serialist/tone-row forms

3rd brain: atonal generative computer music code-golfing

4th brain: building dozens of theremin-playing garden gnomes which themselves are theremins, and precisely positioning them in intricate fractal pentagrams to produce polyphonic threnodic whirls

NC17: politics shade language 

The recently popularized fetish for public milk swigging among neo-fascist protestors is providing hilarious instances of what amounts to Nazi bukkake.

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This is both remarkable and sad. A scheduled suicide blog post: willopines.wordpress.com/2017/

I get his reasons. It's tiring to be an obligate social creature when you're not good at being social.

But if you go down that mental road, consider that the opinion of "the masses" will always be irrelevant and usually somewhat dumb. It's okay to be bad at social interactions, too.
It's not that "nobody cares", it's that it's irrelevant if anybody cares as long as you do.

The is a really interesting little self-selected population.

Has anyone done the anthropology that this so clearly invites?

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The future of mastodon: people with multiple accounts posting and reporting whether [thing] works or not

I'm not at all comfortable being even tangentially associated with a "community" where having even the nuance of a contrary viewpoint marks one as a "tool of the ___", where the blank stands in for whatever ideological shibboleth is the Most Important Thing to a bloc of people in a circle of very tightly pulled wagons.

And I have to say that none of it motivates me to untangle the bullshit just to validate my own view. I'm far more inclined to shut up and walk away.

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controversial take 

Forking is good independent of the technical merits because it leads to solutions that are a better fit for where and how they're going to be used, and it reduces the risk of things getting derailed because of bad leadership

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Currently can't get enough of the new FRKTL album. Good ambient music for when I'm trying to concentrate but also rewards close listening: frktl.bandcamp.com/album/prose #music

I have increasingly bad and constant tinnitus, which I understand to be a result of the degradation of my cochlear nerves.

I'm also beginning to smell incense nearly all the time, and I wonder if there's an olfactory equivalent of tinnitus, in which phantom smells persist as those sensory nerves fail.

In any case, while the tinnitus is slowly driving me crazy, I actually kind of like the hallucinations of fragrance.

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"A particularly haunting comment is posted by one Hackernews: a Haskell program that translates C to Rust, which gives us a brief peek into the grotesque Godless painscape where the Rust Evangelism Strike Force plans its webshit-brigading operations."


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In college I learned what Aspergers was. I nodded thoughtfully, and then carefully studied the Wikipedia page and several other informative website. Good news! I wasn't Asperger's, according to the definitions I found.

I often wonder if it's more of a fluid spectrum and Aspergers is simply a medicalization of a normative human variation. It seems to have a strong difference from some of the poor souls who I've seen that are called autistic.

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Looking forward to my latest experiments being listed on the National Register of Historic Codesmells.

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the best way to celebrate easter is to resurrect something. an old project. your interest in a topic. your passion. a dead relative

I've spent decades on the net arguing, fisking, flaming, lecturing, flouncing... basically emitting every variant of shitty and self-defeating behavior.

I now find that birdsite's culture and format lend themselves to a kind of snipey back-and-forth that reiterates and reinforces some of the worst of those tendencies, and find myself biting my virtual tongue more often than not, to avoid the trap.

In response, I've taken to simply and quietly unfollowing when rank bullshit scrolls by.

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