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Enormous numbers of Russian troops are stationed on the Ukrainian border, various states have called on their citizens to leave , and experts believe an invasion is even conceivable in the coming days.

As a data and civil liberties community, we must not close our eyes to the dramatic escalation of the . It is now up to us to resolutely commit to the adherence to international law and to rigorously condemn any breaches thereof.

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Whenever Twitter is , people will recommend Mastodon as a better alternative since it's a federated system which can't go offline as a whole.

While is great in terms of independence and resistance to censorship, I don't think is the best argument to attract new users, since – for the individual user – it wouldn't make any difference whether or the respective Mastodon home server is .

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How to turn off all your phone’s sensors in one tap?

1. Activate the developer settings.
2. Go to “Quick settings developer tiles”.
3. Activate “Sensors off”.

Now, you've got a “Sensors off” button in your quick settings! 😎 It lets you disable camera, microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer and more. 🛡️

Detailed instructions: 🔗

Note: This works on devices with Android 10+ only. (Posting this toot because there was confusion over the feature recently.)

Befürwortet ihr die Einführung einer gesetzlichen „Loginfalle“?

Bestünde ein hinreichender Tatverdacht gegen einen Nutzer eines Onlinedienstes, könnte dieser Dienst gerichtlich zur Aktivierung der Loginfalle gezwungen werden, welche beim nächsten Loginversuch die IP-Adresse des Verdächtigen speichert.

✅ fallspezifisch
✅ minimalinvasiv

⛔ Rechtfertigung invasiverer Vorschriften?

Netter Versuch, mich von B zu überzeugen, wenn ihr an A noch keine Ahnung habt, #netzwelt. 🤗
#VPN #Werbung

Introducing Threema Libre for Android!

🚫 No Google services to begin with
📖 All components are open source
📲 Exclusively available via @fdroidorg

Do you prefer applications with a graphical user interface or #console-based ones? #GUI #terminal

Freedom of speech is under threat in many countries, particularly Russia:

Tutanota, for instance, is also blocked:

We must fight for freedom of speech and privacy online. 💪

In order to help more people switch to /e/OS easily, we are constantly looking to extend the support of the easy installer to more devices. We are pleased to add support for 2 major brands: OnePlus and Pixel🥳!

Check it out 👉 :


Schön hier im #Fediverse: Über 3600 Accounts folgen dem @lfdi auf #Mastodon – danke für Eure Unterstützung! 😊

Weils so schön ist im Fediverse:

Wir haben jetzt auch eine #PeerTube Instanz tube.bawü.social

Wir probieren PeerTube jetzt mal ausgiebig aus. Schaut gerne vorbei.

#Datenschutz #Informationsfreiheit #Digitalisierung #DSGVO

Cool, will get a “stories” feature, just like , eliminating a major reason not to switch! And those who don't like stories can just disable them in the settings.

Attack on in !

The online portal @fragdenstaat (”Ask The State”) sought to force former Chancellor Schröder to answer questions about his lobbying for companies.

The court has now rejected the emergency appeal on the grounds that print publications are a prerequisite for press status.

This directly calls into question the raison d'être of public broadcasting, because according to this logic, TV and radio also do not qualify as press.

🔗 🇩🇪

TBlock is a free open source platform-independent ad-blocker, which can also block trackers, malware etc. You can follow at:

➡️ @tblock

The project's website is at

#TBlock #AdBlocker #AdBlockers #AdBlocking #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Internet #Ads #Security #Privacy #Infosec

Great news! The 🇩🇪 organisation @digitalcourage sues the 🇩🇪 railway company Deutsche Bahn for using non-essential trackers in its ticket booking app without the user's consent, violating the !


☀️ 40°C in Germany means 40% off of our mobile apps. Get it now while it lasts!

App Store:
(Full Version IAP)

Google Play:

(use coupon code "HOTSUMMER" during checkout)

Stay safe and hydrated! 🤖

Sometimes names make me laugh. For example, I was updating Privacy Browser’s URL modification and came across the `wickedid` tracker.

Now that’s an honest name.

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