Would you use a privacy-respecting assistant on your smartphone (similar to Siri, Alexa etc.)?

Background: The people behind the -based operating system @e_mydata plan an integration of their future AI service called "" as well as an offline speech recognition software as they explain on Medium:

@datenschutzratgeber this would be great for ppl with disabilities such as poor eyesight or reading disorder.

@datenschutzratgeber @e_mydata to make sure potential users can "trust" that "privacy-respecting" is more than a slogan (no offense meant): open-source would be a must. And ideally, any "online functionality" comes via a module one can load separately ("online addon"). That combination I can imagine as a "door opener" in the "privacy scene". Would be awesome to have! And please also consider TTS :awesome:

@datenschutzratgeber I don't really need an AI assistant, but something like a hands-free command line could be useful from time to time.

@datenschutzratgeber @e_mydata only if it works locally and has a non-language interface (real menus)

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