For all Firefox users: If you use the feature you might want to change the Geo provider used by as the default one is .

1. Go to about:config
2. Search for ""
3. Change the Google URL to Mozilla's own service:
4. Try viewing your geolocation:


Also, you should activate the Geolocation feature because turning it off would create a unique property in your browser fingerprint.

Don't worry, Firefox always asks you before disclosing your geolocation.


@datenschutzratgeber The website by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a trusted international non-profit digital rights group, is a useful tool for determining what makes a browser private, and it can show you exactly what advertisers are able to find out about you through what your browser sends to websites.

Disabling Javascript, blocking cookies, and using an adblocker, while giving your browser a more unique fingerprint, sends less information to websites ☺️.

@datenschutzratgeber Apparently Mastodon automatically removes the protocol part of a URL when you toot it. That's odd.

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