How do you listen to music?

How long is your most-used music playlist?

What's your preferred pattern of song files' names?

A: %artist% 🔹 %title%
e.g.: David Bowie: Starman

B: %title% 🔹 %artist%
e.g.: Starman – David Bowie

C: %title%
e.g.: Starman

@datenschutzratgeber Depends, some is bought music from iTunes, some is free music from around the internet and some is from Spotify.

@datenschutzratgeber Depends. If you're listening to e.g. Label or Festival Samplers it's imho useful. In special when the tracks from a Festival Sampler are sorted after the running order

@datenschutzratgeber Ideally something closer to:

%artist% - %album% - [%zero_padded_track_number%] - %title%

That works for modern titles and has two major advantages:

1. It's easily sorted.
2. It's regex friendly.

It's worthless for classical music, which has very different naming conventions. For everything else it's fantastic.

/Artist/Year - Album/Nr. - Title
bzw. /Artist/Artist - Title

@datenschutzratgeber I have a tidal subscription. I always download the albums, compress them to .opus 96k and send them to my phone. I have a flac backup on my hard disk but being able to carry around soo much music without any tracking on my phone is awesome
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