Today, I picked up my order from the postal office: @PINE64's open-source smart watch! After trying out its features I'm already very happy with the product. 😊


Here's the delivery timeline (standard shipment to Germany):

24 Aug: order
30 Aug: shipment + tracking link
8 Sep: item arrives at PostNL
9 Sep: item arrives at DHL in Germany
11 Sep: item is delivered but I miss the postman

Total time: 18 days = 3 weeks (that's okay for standard delivery IMO)

Here's the price:

26,99$ – actual product
11,99$ – EU Standard shipping
10,37€ – import tax*

Total: ca. 43,39€ – still quite cheap IMO 👍

* (Although 10,37€ isn't much money I find it not so great that Pine64 doesn't show the user (an approximation of) the tax beforehand. I learned about the amount only at the postal office.)

@datenschutzratgeber aye, I completely forgot that they only ship weekly.

@datenschutzratgeber hmm I am sad that a 23€ product costs 43€ to deliver and import :(

@pinkprius @datenschutzratgeber Buy some more and they're going to be able to set up more point of sales :awesome:

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