Fantastic! A free and open for all appointment finding tool (Doodle) that stores nothing and is data protection friendly from @Digitalcourage and based on @Framasoft

Try it:

Or via Tor:

@datenteiler @Digitalcourage @Framasoft why is email req? Sure you can @ invalid but why not make it optional in the first place?

Framedate is still missing the option to automaitcally delete the poll after some time. Instead it is archived. I opened an issue requesting for auto-deletion.
@solariz @datenteiler @Digitalcourage @Framasoft

Thank you for your alertness, @kirschwipfel!

Reading comments to the bug report, it turns out that:

Meanwhile, the #Framadate maintainer clarified that expired polls are not archived but actually deleted.

He admitted that the current wording in Framadate is unfortunate. /c

/cc @CryptGoat @solariz @datenteiler @Framasoft

I'm glad it's only the text, as this is much easier to fix - and hopefully will be soon.
@CryptGoat @solariz @datenteiler @Framasoft

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