"Where is the freedom if you use Free Software but proprietary cloud services?"

@nextcloud can compete with proprietary data silos like O365, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, because they are standing on the shoulders of giants and can use all of the fantastic innovations: With Free Software they are more then . They are a big and together we can compete with these companies.

Great talk by @Karlitschek "How I forked my own project" at


@datenteiler @nextcloud @Karlitschek
Nextcloud is an amazing piece of software! Every time I use it I'm astonished on how good it is.

2/ Vitalik Buterin and crypto friends, I found is a great solution for the high cost of iCloud storage and a solution for self hosting blockchains, and a great solution for scalability let me know if I am wrong. Here's the link for @nextcloud since it is an open source it would be nice to be of service for the maintenance and growth of the platform nextcloud.com/install/

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