You can now watch yesterday’s Small is Beautiful livestream with guest David Heinemeier Hansson, with captions, or read the transcript at

We covered so many topics! Including Small Tech (vs Big Tech), business models, ethical design, scaling organisations, and much more.

@laura Indeed! And preferences too, I'm better at reading/scanning a text than listening to a video so thank you 🙏

@laura There is a missing `l` in `Wasn't that wonderfu,` here

(Not sure what's the best way for you to handle that kind of feedback, new issue?)

@dav thanks! Telling me on here is fine. It’s a quick fix ☺️


@laura also, I found there is an incorrect markup leading to an invalid page here:

This div within the `head` element will trigger an early `body` element, visible for instance if you check the `view: source` with Firefox on the start of the body tag.

I suggest to put `{{- partial "meta-schema.html" . -}}` just after the body tag here:

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@laura and while I'm being super annoying 😅, did you consider using for Vimeo embeds? It looks to be a bit more respectful to visitors' privacy (and maybe faster too!).

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