@davatron5000 Google's tracking effots are one of the reasons, I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox for all my personal surfing and non-developing work.

@eay Yah. I have Canary but just for Dev Tools when necessary.

@davatron5000 Twist: The latter gets hundreds of millions of dollars by allowing its users to be tracked by default by the former.

#SurveillanceCapitalism #PrivacyWashing

@davatron5000 Mozilla is far from the company I thought they were, but moves like this make me happy they are still around and trying to push that envelope.

fingers crossed they keep up this steam.

@davatron5000 Brave is a good alt too. Chrome without the NSA. It’s a fork of Chromium.

And still a lot of people will use chrome. I switched about a year ago and I am still very happy with it.

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