Struggling to find ways to relax on the weekend. Almost any Netflix show or movie I want to watch has violence or cursing. If I fire up the Switch or a game of Overwatch, I have a 5yo in my armpit asking me endless questions. Books are hard to sink into.

So I just read this dumb phone.

Maybe I need a recliner? Or I should blog? Or graphic novels? Or I should draw?

Signed, Hobbyless in Austin.

Picked up some graphic novels. One on Hitler's rise to power and one on Japan from 1944 to 1953. Should be relaxing reads. 😅

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I read about half of the Hilter book yesterday. It's amazing story telling and the characterization of Hitler as a total loser with a big mouth is really thought-provoking.

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@davatron5000 I was just discussing finding more relaxed TV shows like this. I'm enjoying Busted on Netflix at the moment but YMMV

@davatron5000 the recliner doesn’t work… my (nearly) 5 yo just climbs up on me and demands educational programming. Or the same movie for the 20th time.

I’m essentially in the same spot. I tried to watch a slightly less TV-Y thing (Tomorrowland) and the whole robot thing freaked out the kid. Back to umizoomi.

@bowers Uf. I tried to watch a PBS documentary about the Black Panthers and there was an F-bomb. You can’t win.

@davatron5000 great British bake off (or baking show). It’s a decent watch and the kid won’t blush. But really you can’t win til they’re in bed or the SO takes them somewhere.


I hate that my hands pick up this phone the moment I'm idle. "Hey hands! The idleness was IN-TEN-TION-AL!"

@davatron5000 But I bet if you blog you'll sink I to work mode very quickly ("I should really tweak the CSS on that page...")

Drawing sounds good. Or maybe something in the garage, like a woodworking project? Or how about cooking?

@teleclimber @davatron5000 ah yes, I’ve started leaving my phone in different rooms or in a bag to try and break that habit. Also completely switching off notifications has helped.

There’s the worry that our 14month old is observing this compulsive device use and it’s not setting a good example.

@meredevelopment @davatron5000 good point about the little one. We have our first coming soon and I will have to try to set a good example.

@davatron5000 how about buying crypto. I hear that’s not rife with panic. Or ?

@davatron5000 I strongly recommend running a blog about pets.

In all seriousness, I’m finding solace in documentaries right now. Attenborough will probably provide the calm you’re after 🙂

@davatron5000 Whatever you do, I think reading more on the dumb phone is not the way to go. But it‘s easy to say, not easy to do. I know that myself. 😄

@davatron5000 I learned a while ago the beautiful quote “People who work with their mind, rest with their hands” I’ve been picking up woodworking and it’s been a amazing. Doing development then parenting takes all of my mental energy, so being able to give my brain a rest is really helpful.

@davatron5000 Rubik's cube maybe? I recently picked up one and had couple fun hours learning how to solve it.

@fusilli I’ve done that before! And it was fun and fulfilling. Maybe that’s a good avenue to explore again. Thanks.

My family enjoys games. We often play some sort of board game / card game together.

@davatron5000 Try listening to the album Getz & Gilberto and then just go into a Bossa Nova wormhole from there. It's how I used to calm down my 35 yr old terrible boss.

@davatron5000 Oh lol-sorry! That IS a ad. Linked too fast. Here's the full album:

@anatect Yes!! This is awesome. I sometimes wish I learned to play Jazz guitar instead of punk rock bar chords.

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