Finished Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler. A great depiction of how a loud-mouthed, pathetic loser became the world’s biggest authoritarian monster.

An excellent retelling of this moment in history. My biggest criticisms were that the war was fairly quick, especially from an American perspective. The Holocaust was extremely underplayed, I think it would have further illustrated Hilter’s decrepit descent.

@davatron5000 What are your top 3-ish recommendations for historical graphic novels? Currently (finally) reading Maus and already looking for more.

@nocksock Barefoot Gen (Book 1), Tetris by Box Brown, and maybe this Hitler book (although carrying around a book with Hitler on the cover may not be legal in Germany, I don’t know 😅)

@nocksock March by John Lewis is amazing too. But very “Racism in America” centric.

@davatron5000 I think it's legal, but I probably wouldn't be comfortable reading it in public. I haven't read Maus in public either due to the huge swastika on its cover. 😅

Tetris looks really interesting! It's such a pity that amazon doesn't have a category for non-fiction graphic novels yet.

@nocksock Yah. I went into a comic book store the other day and they didn’t have a section. There aren’t that many English/Western graphic non-fiction titles. Lots of manga tho. Heaps of manga.

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