Picked up a white Logitech G203. Partly because it matched my keyboard and partly because the rubber grips on my Razer Deathadder were peeling off. It’s a good gaming mouse tho and only $30.

@davatron5000 how’s the ergo kb? Looks amazing… I’ve been trying to adjust to a slightly less swank split keyboard and I feel like I forgot how to type

@bowers It’s good! I have my nit-picks about key placement and layout, but I think I’ve more or less acclimated to typing. The Microsoft ergo keyboard taught me a lot about split keyboard typing.

Will probably write a review this week or next.

@davatron5000 yeah, I’d never done the split, but I’m thinking the re-org of the layout yours has would actually be better than the std keyboard layout (plus some bonus metas) the kinesis is giving me. Too much tweaking my left hand around for metas, and the shortened shift key on the right to fit arrow keys drives me nuts.

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