Spoke with an architect today. Two pathways forward for Shed V2: a $200k home addition OR another $30k detached prefab. Leaning towards a prefab.


Pro: a heck of a lot of light
Con: budget will probably get heavy with that glazing

Pro: It will be like working outside
Con: Gonna need some AC for warm days

I think it looks like a lush space man.

@hankchizljaw In Texas I need A/C year round anyway. 🤠😅 But Yeah. The glass raises the cost about 10% but don’t want it to be just a Code Hole.

@davatron5000 Looks awesome and I love natural light, but on the other hand I've lived with huge windows for the past months and often times it was just too bright to comfortably work on a computer display. But probably depends a lot on which cardinal point (is that the right word in that context?!) the big windows face.

@martinwolf The glass would face East, so lots of morning sun. Probably very bright in the winter. May need to rethink that.

@davatron5000 Could be really nice, but yeah, definitely think about it. My big windows face south, and that's just too much sun for me and my dark editor theme. Damn Computer Job. 😅

@martinwolf @davatron5000 there are inventions that let you control the amount of light a window allows through!

@davatron5000 does this mean you won’t be able to sit/stand at your desk in your underpants? Or is it a walled garden?

@meredevelopment it's a walled garden.. but I may need to rethink my priorities here...

@davatron5000 looking at similar for a house I don’t own yet. The pricing is so weird here. Prefab out of the box just slightly too small for what I want studios are about £7k, the next size up is £22k. 🤷‍♂️

@davatron5000 I dig it. We just spent $15k remodeling our bedroom. It was $5k over budget because when they pulled the drywall they discovered water damage and had to replace the exterior wall where the downspout was overflowing for many years. At least your project is pretty self-contained! :)

@davatron5000 we had the same discussion lately. I’d go with the prefab.

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