My strategy for breaking my birdsite addiction:

- Delete apps
- 2FA to slow down provide 20¢/text disincentive to login.
- Sign out when not using
- Treat it as broadcast only

Still not sure if Masto is the replacement. But. Here we are.

@davatron5000 Some sort of cross-post extension or integration would help me. Practically no one would know, but I still feel embarrassingly self-aggrandizing when I post the same comment to both feeds.

@davatron5000 sounds like a pretty solid plan. I might steal it to tackle my own addiction. Still not decided between here and though.

@bastianallgeier I know Manton, so I should try it. I’m honestly leaning towards doing nothing. Lurking in Slacks. Reading/Writing instead.

@davatron5000 my first steps with have been a bit rough. I thought it‘d be a great idea to import my tweets and now nothing works anymore. I hope Manton can fix it. It feels a bit more content-focused to me, while Mastodon is more like a place to hang around. I‘d actually prefer not being stuck on another Twitter-like addiction as well and focus more on writing more meaningful stuff again.

@hankchizljaw For me it's not about syncing, it's about abandoning a toxic platform.

@davatron5000 Good luck! Sadly I found that the Twitter mobile web app was "good enough" to keep me coming back even without the native app… But I also found that once I stopped tweeting, I got less engagement from other Twitter users, and most of the notifications were just spam like "so-and-so liked a tweet." It helped to just break the habit of checking Twitter whenever I had downtime though.

@davatron5000 i just force myself to hit the elephant whenever i feel like slapping the bird

@davatron5000 only if it takes place in the city i live in, the city of angel; lonely as i am together we cry



I like the 2FA as an addiction breaker approach, good idea.

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