My strategy for breaking my birdsite addiction:

- Delete apps
- 2FA to slow down provide 20¢/text disincentive to login.
- Sign out when not using
- Treat it as broadcast only

Still not sure if Masto is the replacement. But. Here we are.

@davatron5000 Some sort of cross-post extension or integration would help me. Practically no one would know, but I still feel embarrassingly self-aggrandizing when I post the same comment to both feeds.

@davatron5000 sounds like a pretty solid plan. I might steal it to tackle my own addiction. Still not decided between here and though.

@bastianallgeier I know Manton, so I should try it. I’m honestly leaning towards doing nothing. Lurking in Slacks. Reading/Writing instead.

@davatron5000 my first steps with have been a bit rough. I thought it‘d be a great idea to import my tweets and now nothing works anymore. I hope Manton can fix it. It feels a bit more content-focused to me, while Mastodon is more like a place to hang around. I‘d actually prefer not being stuck on another Twitter-like addiction as well and focus more on writing more meaningful stuff again.

@hankchizljaw For me it's not about syncing, it's about abandoning a toxic platform.

@davatron5000 Good luck! Sadly I found that the Twitter mobile web app was "good enough" to keep me coming back even without the native app… But I also found that once I stopped tweeting, I got less engagement from other Twitter users, and most of the notifications were just spam like "so-and-so liked a tweet." It helped to just break the habit of checking Twitter whenever I had downtime though.

@davatron5000 i just force myself to hit the elephant whenever i feel like slapping the bird

@davatron5000 only if it takes place in the city i live in, the city of angel; lonely as i am together we cry



We should think of Masto as different, not as a replacement (some technical similarities aside). If the world needs anything right now, it's something different from the same ol' money-driven scene, with all its psychological tricks.

Indeed, Masto *is* different; even from the other micropost players in the fediverse game (GNU Social, Diaspora, etc).

Different for the win! (Or at least piece of mind.)

Welcome to the 'don.

Tip: Follow people in different time zones.

@wion Thanks for the advice. I totally agree Mastodon should be different. I'm mostly thinking in terms of addiction substitution, like swapping out diet coke for regular coke.. or whatever better analogy exists.


I hear you. And good article. The addiction aspect is real for many, sadly.

I was on the road to shaking that monkey early in 2016. Like a lot of people, that election did me in for socmed.

Now in process of killing all the centralized accounts. Twitter and LinkedIn are last to go. The latter is the only one my wife looks at me funny about.

I'm just happy. It feels liberating to be free of the exploitation and desire to want to check the irrelevant noise.


I like the 2FA as an addiction breaker approach, good idea.

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