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Dave Rupert @davatron5000

🚀 New Podcast with my friend Danh Hoang! <ASIDE> QUEST: A video games podcast for people too buys to play video games. asidequest.simplecast.fm/

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@davatron5000 Fun!

I just recently completed two of the games in your "To Play" list.

I adored Metroid: Samus Returns: grouvee.com/user/tylerisrandom

I really enjoyed Life Is Strange even though it wrecked me emotionally: grouvee.com/user/tylerisrandom

@tylersticka I’m gonna escalate Life is Strange on my todo list.

@davatron5000 Interesting. Will hear it tomorrow morning. What games are you actually playing, beside "Life is Strange"?

@andi1984 I'm going to try and knock Nuclear Throne off my list of shame this week!