lol. I just updated the title to use the Bee Three, the Endless Summer font.

@davatron5000 I followed a similar strategy, but with FB. I email my friends instead.

But I want to be connected to the going-ons of the web dev industry, and I hate to say it but Twit is very effective at surfacing the hot topic of the moment. (too effective?)

Masto could be that place but too few people at the moment. And may stay that way because, yeah, "it's uncomfortable" is a good way to put it.

@teleclimber Totally agree. I may expound more on that idea of "uncomfortable", but it's a real feeling.

Twitter is good. And it has critical mass. A Metcalfe's Law kinda situation. It's strong because there are so many people on it. And I feel like jack is banking on ppl being too lazy and too addicted to switch.

@davatron5000 I'm genuinely curious what goes on in the upper floors of Twitter HQ. Is it incompetence? willful ignorance? obliviousness? Greed? I honestly can't tell.

@davatron5000 Firefox gives me a security warning for your site, won't let me in!

@joeld The whole site? Certain page? Any plugins installed?

@davatron5000 hmmm on closer inspection, it looks like my workplace's firewall has categorized as a malware distribution point 🙄 you can check here:

@joeld oh bless. I guess i'll have to look into that. that checker doesn't really work for me tho.


> quiet at night

well, night is relative -- over time you start catching people in other timezones and your personal stream becomes a fascinatingly complex place with ups and downs

(learning another language that's used on a different section of Earth more heavily helps too, as it turns out)

@davatron5000 I’ve don’t exactly the same thing with regard to logging out and uninstalling social apps. It took a little while to stop reflexively checking my phone. I’d navigate to my social folder and find nothing there (beside LinkedIn, but come on). I’ve read more books, made more music, and reduced quite a bit of anxiety 👌🏽

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