Picked up a white Logitech G203. Partly because it matched my keyboard and partly because the rubber grips on my Razer Deathadder were peeling off. It’s a good gaming mouse tho and only $30.

Ergodox EZ came! So far it’s as weird as expected. Blank keycaps we’re maybe an ambitious choice. The default config is awful so I’ve been tweaking the layout, maximizing for webdev stuff (e.g., easy to reach brackets)

Pinafore.social's greyed out offline mode is so awesome and I hope more apps do that. Nice work @nolan!

Heading to the mall to get my Offspring tickets.

Reseated CPU looks good. Holding at 42°C while gaming. Here’s pics of the overly thin thermal paste job. Hopefully less crashes in the future. mastodon.social/media/TPW5Zh3- mastodon.social/media/x5zfA9lB

Shed V2 planning underway. If you come across any cool backyard studios (aka man shed, she shed, prefab studio, garden studio (uk), granny flat (au), accessory dwelling unit) please share! mastodon.social/media/T2c4UuVB

Found a Gameboy Pocket with Pokémon Red at my in-laws house. Y-Y-YOINK!!


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