Shed v2 planning resurrected. Architects have been called. 🤞🤞🤞

@bowers It’s good! I have my nit-picks about key placement and layout, but I think I’ve more or less acclimated to typing. The Microsoft ergo keyboard taught me a lot about split keyboard typing.

Will probably write a review this week or next.

Picked up a white Logitech G203. Partly because it matched my keyboard and partly because the rubber grips on my Razer Deathadder were peeling off. It’s a good gaming mouse tho and only $30.

@nocksock Yah. I went into a comic book store the other day and they didn’t have a section. There aren’t that many English/Western graphic non-fiction titles. Lots of manga tho. Heaps of manga.

@nocksock March by John Lewis is amazing too. But very “Racism in America” centric.

@nocksock Barefoot Gen (Book 1), Tetris by Box Brown, and maybe this Hitler book (although carrying around a book with Hitler on the cover may not be legal in Germany, I don’t know 😅)

Finished Shigeru Mizuki’s Hitler. A great depiction of how a loud-mouthed, pathetic loser became the world’s biggest authoritarian monster.

An excellent retelling of this moment in history. My biggest criticisms were that the war was fairly quick, especially from an American perspective. The Holocaust was extremely underplayed, I think it would have further illustrated Hilter’s decrepit descent.

@slightlyoff Loved the article, but I'm also a smidge biased against All-in-JS architecture.

I'm also in the camp that believes tools and frameworks do speed up feature delivery to customers. Is that not valuable at all? Or is your answer just "but at what cost?"

What do you see as the gap between why ppl choose frameworks (React) over more vanilla, scaled back web platform tech?

@anatect Yes!! This is awesome. I sometimes wish I learned to play Jazz guitar instead of punk rock bar chords.

📝 I blogged about using a Worker to create a color cycle animation on the new homepage

Recreating that animation effect was a fun and rewarding opportunity.

I read about half of the Hilter book yesterday. It's amazing story telling and the characterization of Hitler as a total loser with a big mouth is really thought-provoking.

Picked up some graphic novels. One on Hitler's rise to power and one on Japan from 1944 to 1953. Should be relaxing reads. 😅

@fusilli I’ve done that before! And it was fun and fulfilling. Maybe that’s a good avenue to explore again. Thanks.

@bowers Uf. I tried to watch a PBS documentary about the Black Panthers and there was an F-bomb. You can’t win.

Struggling to find ways to relax on the weekend. Almost any Netflix show or movie I want to watch has violence or cursing. If I fire up the Switch or a game of Overwatch, I have a 5yo in my armpit asking me endless questions. Books are hard to sink into.

So I just read this dumb phone.

Maybe I need a recliner? Or I should blog? Or graphic novels? Or I should draw?

Signed, Hobbyless in Austin.

Talked with a neuroscientist at a birthday party this morning. And I’m like “hi i make websites.”

But had a interesting chat about AI and the human brain.

@scott I technically did walk 1mi today. It was a very humid and unfulfilling walk. Reading about walking was much better!

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