Man. Jack’s “I meditated for a week and solved chronic pain” diatribe forced me to log out of Twitter.

I’m all for exploring the metaphysical, but it’s painful to watch a man with money and literal control of modern real-time news be such a naive person.

@martinwolf it’s been an exhausting month! 😂 mending well. Hopefully back to some form of normal in a few weeks.

Wife going into surgery this morning. Got a longish road ahead but gonna take it a week at a time.

@samkap I'm calling for an emergency meeting of the Fancy Beverage Club to get to the bottom of this "dude" story.

@martinwolf RTX is doing great. My PC still crashes frequently, but I may just buy a new CPU+Mobo.

Today ended up a bit different than expected. I was supposed to be getting on a plane to go to Mexico for a vacation... but my wife tore her ACL playing tennis this morning. It’ll be a surgery, but she’ll be okay. Needless to say, my parenting duties have just skyrocketed. Gonna be an exhausting few months.

@meredevelopment it's a walled garden.. but I may need to rethink my priorities here...

@hankchizljaw In Texas I need A/C year round anyway. 🤠😅 But Yeah. The glass raises the cost about 10% but don’t want it to be just a Code Hole.

@martinwolf The glass would face East, so lots of morning sun. Probably very bright in the winter. May need to rethink that.

Spoke with an architect today. Two pathways forward for Shed V2: a $200k home addition OR another $30k detached prefab. Leaning towards a prefab.

@martinwolf I think it’ll be good. My drafts folder is a mess and need some way to express to myself “hey this is almost done. finish this one instead of starting even more posts.”

Made a kanban for blog post ideas... What am I doing with my life?

Shed v2 planning resurrected. Architects have been called. 🤞🤞🤞

@bowers It’s good! I have my nit-picks about key placement and layout, but I think I’ve more or less acclimated to typing. The Microsoft ergo keyboard taught me a lot about split keyboard typing.

Will probably write a review this week or next.

Picked up a white Logitech G203. Partly because it matched my keyboard and partly because the rubber grips on my Razer Deathadder were peeling off. It’s a good gaming mouse tho and only $30.

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