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“I don’t need a Real Time Strategy Game for my Privacy with my phone’s OS. I don’t need to be constantly notified to improve Google’s data-driven products”

OH (Cleaning Lady on phone): You bring the fake blood and the Lady Gaga outfit...

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"A Bone to Pick with Skeleton Screens" viget.com/articles/a-bone-to-p

Great research on when you should use skeleton screens versus loading spinners. (Also: we have a name for these things now? I used to call them silhouettes. 😛)

@ada same. junk main, support fill. Mercy’s Rez redo motion slowdown was already painful.

I'm pretty cisgender, but I've started responding to Gender questions with "Prefer not to say" because I think it's a dumb question for web form to ask.

I haven't had Bluetooth on my PC since mid-December due to an insider build. Little worried a full System Restore is in my future.

One of the highlights of my week is the @adafruit "new New nEw" intro.

How Limor Fried has grown her business and become an indie chipset manufacturer is pretty inspiring.

I know I know. HTML xfer would be slower than JSON, but I'll disable your argument by whispering the words "... gzip"

What about Fetch + Server-side Rendered HTML response + DOMChangeList–DAMMIT. I invented Turbolinks.

Hi <picture>
<picture> I'm
A <picture>
<picture> Website
in <picture>
<picture> 2018

Free idea: Uncrate but for animatable 3D models, fonts, vector graphics, and open source repos.

if(navigator.doNotTrack) { alert('send me bitcoins.') }

This is also why I referred to my Fitbit as my "Inactivity Monitor".

Interesting look at how Apple Watch and tech companies are manipulating behavior without adhering to good behavioral science. theverge.com/2018/1/24/1692635

TIL about `jekyll serve --profile` that will show you what's taking a long time in your Jekyll builds.


@nolan What I think it is is some hard caching maybe? Edge is trying to fetch an old bundle that doesn't exist anymore?