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Shed V2 plans have hit a hiccup. Staked our the easement and buildlines in my backyard and there’s only 1 available space to build it. And it’s very awkward to me.

We could maybe chop down a tree... but that’s less than ideal.

The dress and fabric physics in Frozen are incredible and I’d love to learn how these outfits were animated. Don’t @ me.

Found a ground hornets' nest in my back yard under some ivy. Cool cool cool cool cool cool. Just glad I stepped in it before the kids did.

Enjoying Bubble (from Maximum Fun) while doing chores today. It’s a sci-fi alternate reality 2018 where monster hunters are employed by the sharing economy.

Surface Go + Adafruit Joy Bonnet for Raspberry Pi + 3D printed case = Portable Steam Machine??

This recent Riot games blowup is a bit surprising to me. I mean, it's video games so I guess it shouldn't. But 2 years ago Riot had a great study where they looked into the crossover between toxic gamers and toxic employees.

That's what's surprising I guess. Seemed like they had an eye on it and a framework to deal with toxic behavior.

12,000 Angry Men - (2018) A social media court drama where one person tries to prevent a miscarriage of justice by forcing his colleagues to reconsider the evidence.

Ergodox EZ came! So far it’s as weird as expected. Blank keycaps we’re maybe an ambitious choice. The default config is awful so I’ve been tweaking the layout, maximizing for webdev stuff (e.g., easy to reach brackets)

“The State of Agile Software in 2018”

“The Agile Industrial Complex imposing methods on people is an absolute travesty”'s greyed out offline mode is so awesome and I hope more apps do that. Nice work @nolan!

Free Invention: A necktie that is also an extension cord + surge protector.

Every time I see someone with an IBM ThinkPad I think... Damn. This person does business.

I would love a browser extension that has Goog/FB/Twitter icons in the URL bar that light up when a site pings that domain. Maybe even configurable to other common trackers.

Good read on the challenges of being an indie gamedev. I think it also speaks to the saturation of social peer-to-peer marketing.

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