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My strategy for breaking my birdsite addiction:

- Delete apps
- 2FA to slow down provide 20¢/text disincentive to login.
- Sign out when not using
- Treat it as broadcast only

Still not sure if Masto is the replacement. But. Here we are.

Is Fez for iOS any good? Does it maintain the original character?

Found a Gameboy Pocket with Pokémon Red at my in-laws house. Y-Y-YOINK!!

Started building one of those Web1.0-style bookshelves for my site to track books I’ve read. My list is really pathetic. Lots of reasons (not reading, birdsite, kids, comics habit) but I’d like to hope it’s because I learned how to quit shitty books.

“I fear that machines are ahead of morals by some centuries and when morals catch up perhaps there’ll be no reason for any of it.” – Harry Truman

I learned about Lil' Pump this week and life is a little bit different now.

Great talk on using to frontend web performance to execute Timing Attacks. Yikes.

:wave_tone1: Hey, everyone! I'm migrating over to an instance I setup: - you're welcome to join as well. It's pretty quiet right now but would love more quality web-based toots.

Follow here: @davatron5000

I think my next talk is just going to be one slide that says: "It's all about maintaining momentum"

I've dreamed of making a Red String Conspiracy Theory Board for years. Finally figured out how to do it programmatically this morning. The concept of connecting two DOM nodes is also cool.

I have an instance setup now but it doesn't seem connected to the federation. And that's maybe okay with me. May migrate over.

My dream of becoming an Internet Slum-lord are coming true~!

Here's a sneak preview of some art for a blog post about how I feel about the Browser Pre-loader

There's this dream that you can one-click deploy things... but then you have to point nameservers, DNS, spin up mailservers and that dream dies a cold, hard death.

This Mac Pro stuff is interesting. Moving to a component model is hella risky for Apple who likes to control the hardware. I say this as a custom PC user who gets near daily BSODs.

Also, if Apple doesn't have something in the pipeline for this year, that means they weren't thinking about it and the Mac Pro wasn't in the gameplan. This is Apple being reactionary, which I don't think we've seen in a long, long time.

I may or may not have bought a domain and deployed an instance. :grimacing:

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