So... talking turkey now... could we use this platform instead of Slack for community learning approaches? What's that going to look like i wonder...

@davecormier That's my exact thought. And you know I'm seeing a V&!n D^*~<gr8m. This may become that sweet spot between Slack (using hashtags as channels) Twitter (open to passing strangers) and Tumblr (more but still micro)

@davecormier that's similar to what I'm thinking. A lot could happen IMO if a good mobile app interface to it w/ notifications develops.

@katebowles @jeroensmeets @econproph @davecormier not sure it can/will replace slack, but I do defo like it as part of a comms ecosystem at schools. @sundilu and I threw together a few ideas about it last night after Turkey (see how I brought that back Dave?)

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